200 amp hour lithium battery

200 amp hour lithium battery
200 amp hour lithium battery
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product name:200 amp hour lithium battery
Anode material: lithium battery
Rated capacity: 200ah
Charging time: 2-5h
Charging current: 100A
Service life: more than 5 years h
Product Certification: MSDS
Standard voltage: 12.8VV
Dimensions: unknown (made to order)
Custom processing: Yes

Product advantages:
1. The weight reduction design is light and easy to carry. In the case of the same capacity, the weight of a lithium battery is 3 times lighter than a lead-acid battery.
2. It can be used in all kinds of household appliances, and it can be used in places where lighting is needed.
3. Lithium battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, temperature protection.
4. More than 2000 charge and discharge cycles, 5 years of long service life, more recharge times, longer service life, economical and environmentally friendly.
5. The special bracket fixing technology ensures the safe, stable and reliable operation of the battery.

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