About Batteries.vip

Founded in 2012, Batteries.vip is a technology production and trading company focusing on new energy and photovoltaic fields. Headquartered in Shenzhen,Batteries.vip can process and produce new energy batteries and solar cells for global companies to assist global customers in need to buy Chinese battery products.Batteries.vip products have passed 3C, CQC, CB, GS, FDA, ROHS, CE, BSCI, ISO and other international certifications. Since the establishment of Batteries.vip, all products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world such as the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc. Based on good research and development capabilities and reliable quality, the products have been fully recognized in the high-end consumer market of developed countries. It has established long-term and good partnerships with many first-line large-scale supermarket brands and Amazon's leading cross-border e-commerce companies. The market share continues to grow steadily and business areas are continuously expanded.

1. Who we are

Batteries.vip is a high-tech and new energy development enterprise in Shenzhen;

Batteries.vip specializes in providing R&D, production, sales and technical services for a new generation of lithium batteries and solar cell-related modules and materials.

As a highly innovative R&D manufacturer of lithium batteries (lithium battery packs) and power supply system overall solutions, we have advanced management concepts, excellent R&D teams, first-class products and services, and integrated supply chain resources, which could meet the individual needs of different customers in all walks of life.

2. Our business philosophy and purpose

2.1. The foundation of talent survival and development

Since our establishment, we have always adhered to the principle of talent-oriented. Everyone in the corporation make the best use of their talents, and we encourage eclectic work patterns. You can also see the harmonious atmosphere of the common development of employees and the company. Every employee is fully flexing his talents on the stage provided by the company, and the company is also doing its best to provide employees with benefits and sustainable development opportunities within their creativity.

2.2. Leading technology and service-oriented

Every link is indispensable in the aspects of feeding, online quality control, safety performance testing, and outgoing inspection, ensuring the excellent quality of the products. The company's products have passed many authoritative tests.

2.3.Global Company

2. As a Chinese new energy battery company, we are not only based in China but also facing the world, providing professional battery products and new energy technology services to customers all over the world.

2.4. Environmental protection, health and safety

Everything is only for a better life. We must not sacrifice the environment at the expense of the environment. We must protect the environment, provide clean energy, and protect human health; our R&D and production are by safety, health, and environmental standards.

With the rapid development of the new energy industry, in line with the concept of "green energy" and active corporate social responsibility, reducing carbon emissions from the whole society is a corporate development strategy, committed to promoting the development of low-carbon industries, and building a resource-saving, Make positive contributions to an environment-friendly and harmonious society.

3. Our products and services

We provide lithium-ion polymer batteries, lithium-ion batteries, solar cells and other clean energy development, manufacturing and marketing;

For consumer, industrial, medical and automotive industries, it provides lithium batteries, phosphate (LiFePO4) rechargeable batteries and battery packs and related products to meet their portable power needs.

Our products can be widely used in intelligent robots, UPS high-capacity energy storage power supplies, instrumentation, mobile communication products, notebook computers, digital cameras, camcorders, mobile DVDs, electronic toys, lighting products, power tools, medical equipment and other fields. It has been highly recognized by many domestic and foreign brand customers.

4. Why choose us?

4.1. Strong technical research and development strength

In the field of research and development, based on environmental protection, we develop innovative battery products based on the production of lithium polymer batteries and lithium-ion batteries to meet customer needs.

4.2. Integrated supply chain resources

There is no proper procedure to deal with the dumped batteries, and the heavy metal substances contained in the dumped batteries will gradually pollute the entire natural environment and cause irreparable damage. At this time, rechargeable batteries with high capacity, small footprint, longer cycle life and pollution-free have emerged. In response to consumer demand for different products, different types of such batteries have been developed. All countries in the world classify this type of battery with environmental protection labels.Batteries.vip has considered environmental protection, convenience and high performance when developing lithium polymer rechargeable batteries as its premium products.

4.3. Personalized customized service

We not only sell standard self-branded products, but also provide customized services for battery packs such as lithium polymer batteries, lithium-ion solar controllers, and solar controllers for customers around the world, which can be quickly sampled and delivered in batches.

4.4.Self-owned factories can be delivered quickly

The factory covers an area of 50,000 square meters. We use automated production systems under cleanroom conditions to provide the highest quality and reliable production, preventing any external contamination. In our ISO 9001, CE certified factory, all steps from raw materials to procurement, production, testing, sales and after-sales service are under strict quality system control. Batteries.vip has established a global distribution and sales network covering most corners of the world.

4.5. Continuous innovation ability

We are not improving and innovating, producing high-capacity, small-size, long-life and pollution-free rechargeable batteries. In response to consumer demand for different products, different types of such batteries have been developed. In addition to developing lithium polymer rechargeable batteries as its high-quality products, photovoltaic cells and graphene batteries are also being developed.