battery for apple tv remote

battery for apple tv remote
battery for apple tv remote
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Product name: Apple TV remote control battery
Model: CR2032
Standard current: 0.2mA
Validity period: 3 years
Rated capacity: 210mAh
Standard voltage: 3V
Maximum pulse current: 15mA

Product advantages:
1. Alkaline mercury-free, leak-proof material, more power, strong power, durable and more stable voltage.
2. Long-lasting and strong power, strong functionality, long storage period.
3. Environmental protection, pollution-free battery.
4. Customized service, we can customize the battery model and parameters of any product according to customer needs.

Application scenarios:
battery for apple tv remote, car toys, small electronic scales, pedometers, car keys, computer motherboards, remote controls for lamps, electronic watches, calculators.

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