Start the battery-Car starter battery

Starter battery;starter battery;SLI (starting lighting and ignition) battery;SLIG (starting,lighting,ignition and generating) battery
Properties: a lithium-ion battery/lead-acid battery/nickel-metal hydride battery and nickel-cadmium battery specially used for starting, lighting, ignition (abbreviated as SLI) and power supply (usually abbreviated as SLIG after the 1980s) of vehicles, ships and aircrafts . Generally refers to the automobile battery (automobile battery), or called the car starter battery. Most of them are rated batteries with a rated capacity C of about 36-210A·h, forming a series with a specific energy of 35-45W·h/kg (according to the 20h discharge rate energy meter). It can discharge at several times the discharge rate of C.
In recent years, starting batteries have been continuously improved and improved. Compared with traditional batteries, the capacity of the new starting batteries can work at an ambient temperature of -30℃~+60℃, and it also has fast charging, The advantages of high current discharge, low internal resistance, and ultra-long life with a cycle life of more than 100,000 times.
Summary of the characteristics of the new start-up battery:
1. Ultra-fast charging: charging for 10 seconds to 10 minutes can reach more than 95% of its rated capacity;
2. Ultra-high current discharge: high current discharge capacity, high energy conversion efficiency, low process loss, high current energy cycle efficiency ≥90%;
3. Ultra-low internal resistance;
4. Ultra-wide temperature resistance: good ultra-low temperature characteristics, wide temperature range -40℃~+70℃;
5. Ultra-long life: The number of deep charge and discharge cycles can reach 1 to 500,000 times, without "memory effect".