16 lithium battery equipment enterprises divide 19 billion orders

16 lithium battery equipment enterprises divide 19 billion orders
According to public data, from January to August 2021, China's power battery output accumulated 111.5gwh, a year-on-year increase of 201.0%; The cumulative loading volume was 76.3gwh, a year-on-year increase of 176.3%.
Behind the double increase of power battery output and loading volume is the "rush" mode of battery manufacturers to expand production. According to statistics, in the first half of 2021, the newly planned battery capacity of major domestic enterprises reached 745gwh, which was conducted layer by layer. Since this year, the lithium battery equipment market has also ushered in a period of rapid development.
According to the above planned capacity of 745gwh, if the investment amount of key equipment with single GWH capacity is 150 million yuan, the corresponding investment amount of lithium battery equipment is 111.8 billion yuan. Industry insiders expect that China's lithium battery equipment market is expected to usher in a golden period in the next five years.
According to statistics, as of August 29 this year, seven battery enterprises, Ningde times, BYD, AVIC lithium, Funeng technology, GuoXuan high tech, Yiwei lithium energy and honeycomb energy, had distributed orders with a cumulative amount of 19.057 billion yuan, involving 16 equipment enterprises.
16 enterprises, with over 19 billion orders, can see the high prospect of the lithium battery equipment market. However, the development of things often has two sides, and some problems have been exposed in the hot market. First, the traditional equipment has been difficult to meet the needs of customers. Second, under the current situation of rising labor costs, more efficient and intelligent automation equipment can better meet the needs of customers.
Based on this, fluke China's R & D team has designed and completed a high-precision internal resistance tester, which is tailored for battery sorting. It integrates three kinds of instruments, carries light, and brings seven performance improvements.
In addition, fluke launched a white paper on high-precision battery tester, which describes in detail the improvement of seven performance from interface, precision, speed, stability, command compatibility, load capacity and side voltage test, so as to understand and optimize the performance of production line, improve product quality and improve the new height of cell sorting.
The white paper includes:
1. Fluke bt5300 system high precision battery tester and various important indexes
2. White paper on patrol inspection of backup battery and energy storage battery
3. Lithium ion analog battery assembly test manual
4. Test requirements for standard lithium ion batteries