How to charge mobile phone lithium ion battery

The method and time of the first charging of the mobile phone lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion battery, we call it lithium battery for short. Most of the batteries on mobile phones are lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are not small and safe, and are very suitable for mobile phones. But how long should it take to charge a lithium-ion battery for the first time? With these questions we will look down.

   Li-ion battery has high energy density and high average output voltage. The self-discharge is small, below 10% per month. There is no memory effect. The wide operating temperature range is -20℃~60℃. Excellent cycle performance, fast charging and discharging, charging efficiency up to 100%, and high output power. long lasting. There is no environmental pollution and it is called a green battery.

  The first charging method of mobile phone lithium ion battery

  ⑴Standard charging method: Charge with 0.2C5 constant current until the battery terminal voltage is 4.20V, change to constant voltage charging, and it will be regarded as full when the charging current is less than 0.01C5.

  The standard charging method is often used to calibrate the battery capacity. Because the charging is too slow, it is rarely used in daily use.

  ⑵ Fast charging method: Charge with 1C5 constant current until the battery terminal voltage is 4.20V, change to constant current charging, until the charging current is <0.01C5.

   From the point of view of theory and practice, the effect of "recharging after use" or "reusing after charging" for the first charging of lithium batteries is exactly the same. There is a limit. It is best to charge the battery first if the factory date is more than half a year, because the battery is too low at this time.

   In addition, lithium battery mobile phones or chargers will automatically stop charging after the battery is fully charged, and there is no so-called "trickle" charging that lasts for more than 10 hours in nickel battery chargers. In other words, if your lithium battery is fully charged, it is also white charged on the charger.

   The activation of the lithium battery does not require a special method. The lithium battery will be naturally activated during the normal use of the mobile phone. If you insist on using the popular "first three 12-hour long charge activation" method, it won't actually work. When charging the lithium battery for the first time, after it is fully charged, separate the lithium battery from the charger. Lithium batteries will automatically stop charging after being fully charged (temporarily), because lithium batteries have PMC protection, and there is no trickle charge that "lasts" for a long time. This is the difference between lithium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. Therefore, we need to pay attention when charging.

   Li-ion battery first charging time

   The capacity of the battery is expressed in mAh (milliampere hour), and the discharge rate of how many milliamperes can be discharged means that it can be discharged for one hour. A 1500mAh battery can take one hour to discharge at a discharge rate of 1500 mA, and it takes 3 hours to discharge at a discharge rate of 500 mA (500mA).

  The first charge of a new lithium battery does not require 12 hours. You only need to fully charge it. Don’t continue to charge it after it is fully charged.

   Lithium battery counts as the number of full recharges. That is to say, no matter how many times you charge it. For example, you charge 20% for the first time and then pull it out. The second time I charged 50% and pulled it out. The third time I charged 30% and pulled out. The total charge of these several times is 100%, which is a full charge. Then even if your battery is activated, the current lithium battery can be charged at any time.

Now mobile phones use lithium-ion batteries, so there is no memory effect problem, and no activation is required. The first charge does not need to be charged for more than 12 hours like nickel batteries. It only needs to be charged for about 4 hours. The life of the ion battery is only The number of recharges is related, and the lithium-ion battery can be recharged about 1000 times.

   The above is the first charging method and time of the mobile phone lithium ion battery. I believe that after reading the above content, everyone should have an understanding of the correct use of lithium ion batteries.