Important application scenarios of Li ion battery ups and application of Li ion battery in UPS

The important application scenarios of lithium-ion battery ups and the application of lithium-ion battery in UPS. In the current field of UPS power supply, lithium-ion battery UPS has become a new way, which is widely used in various fields. Using lithium-ion battery as the energy storage device of UPS can improve the performance of ups. Because the volume and weight of lead-acid batteries are very large and bulky, UPS lithium-ion batteries will be a trend in the future.
Introduction to important application scenarios of Li ion battery UPS:
1. Industrial equipment
The UPS power supply floats the lithium-ion battery in normal time. When the industrial equipment is cut off suddenly, the emergency power supply starts to work. When the power supply is restored, the ups lithium-ion battery returns to the floating state to ensure the necessary backup power supply capacity.
In the process of AC power supply, there may be some uncertain interference factors, such as power failure, voltage sag and surge, continuous undervoltage and overvoltage, and frequency fluctuation. These factors will affect the continuous operation of industrial equipment, and even damage the equipment in operation. Lithium ion battery UPS power supply has become a way to adjust the voltage change, eliminate all kinds of electrical interference, and supply high-quality power supply.
2. Communication base station
Due to the high reliability requirements of communication, a perfect solution of communication power supply requires switching power supply system to be equipped with batteries with high reliability and safety. However, the lead-acid battery has short service life, frequent maintenance, and its performance is far less stable than that of lithium iron phosphate battery in extreme temperature outdoor environment. Although the price is relatively expensive, the cost is completely worth the importance of the communication industry. It is expected that in the future, the lithium-ion battery UPS will become an important power supply configuration for many kinds of communication main equipment, auxiliary equipment, etc.
The power supply of the base station is introduced through the commercial power supply, and then converted into 48V DC power supply through the inverter system of lithium-ion battery ups to supply power for the communication equipment. When the power supply is interrupted, the battery pack supplies power to the base station continuously to ensure the normal operation of the base station; When the utility power is restored, the ups battery stops power supply and restores the inverter function.
3. Data center
The data center must ensure the continuity of power supply and the security of power supply system. In the information center room of the data center, UPS is generally used as an important security guarantee. Lithium ion battery UPS is a kind of energy storage device containing lithium battery. It is a constant voltage and frequency uninterruptible power supply with inverter as an important component. When the power supply is interrupted, UPS can ensure the continuity of output power supply.
Lithium ion battery is the key component of ups. As the final guarantee of power supply, lithium ion battery pack is undoubtedly the last insurance in UPS power supply. To maintain and manage, its status is directly related to whether UPS in data center works normally.
4. Computer room system integration
The computer room system includes anti-static ground, air conditioning system, exhaust system, UPS, grounding system, lightning protection system, access control system, monitoring system, fire protection system, shielding system, etc. The power supply quality of the city power grid is poor, which can not meet the requirements of the computer system. The use of UPS is a technical measure to improve the quality of power supply.
The power supply quality of the power supply and distribution system of computer room equipment is very high, so the lithium-ion battery UPS should be used to ensure the stability and reliability of power supply. The auxiliary power supply and distribution system is directly supplied by the municipal power supply. The use of Li Dan UPS can greatly improve the quality of power supply, and the power supply will not be interrupted when the power is switched, and there will be no strong arc interference. The computer will not lose interest and data, and the computer equipment, especially the hard disk, will not be scratched due to power failure.
5. Emergency lighting power supply for fire rescue
In recent years, China's sudden disasters occur with high frequency and large scale, which have a growing impact on the economy and society, such as fire, explosion and earthquake. When these disasters occur, the normal power supply often fails or the power supply must be disconnected, and then the normal lighting is all off. In order to ensure the safety of personnel and property, timely operate and deal with the ongoing production and work, and effectively inhibit the spread of disasters or accidents, the lithium-ion battery UPS emergency lighting should be put into use immediately.
This way has the characteristics of high networking speed, high reliability, high transmission rate and low transmission cost, which not only meets the needs of data exchange between rescue workers on site, but also can maintain high broadband communication with the rear command center.
Application of Li ion battery in UPS:
Lithium ion battery is characterized by smaller volume, lighter weight, long cycle life, safety and environmental protection, which has become the focus of energy storage power supply reform, and also represents the reform pace of UPS power supply industry, which is closely related to UPS host. Lithium ion battery can reduce the size and weight of UPS system, so as to make more effective use of space. The long life design of lithium ion battery will greatly reduce the cost of battery replacement and the burden of maintenance.
Lithium ion battery is an important part of UPS system. Most UPS power supply manufacturers in the market are eliminating batteries and using new lithium-ion batteries. UPS lithium-ion battery pack has been widely and deeply applied in energy storage power supply system, data center, industrial field, communication base station, aerospace and other fields.
Nowadays, with the rapid development of lithium-ion battery in China, the lithium-ion battery UPS power supply has been gradually concerned, its application field is constantly expanding, and the communication industry has been the first. To be sure: lithium ion battery is not only the preferred battery for portable video cameras, electric toys and digital cameras, but also the replacement of backup battery for communication power supply and UPS.
Conclusion: due to the rapid development of lithium-ion battery field and the continuous maturity of lithium-ion UPS Technology, the history of lead-acid dominating UPS is gradually changing. It is believed that in the near future, lithium-ion battery will replace lead-acid battery as energy storage power in UPS system.