UPS emergency power supply

Outdoor portable UPS emergency power supply helps environmental monitoring vehicles work. Environmental testing instruments are used to test the quality of air, soil, and water, and use data to remind people to protect the homes we depend on for survival. The portable UPS power supply provides outdoor emergency power supply guarantee for various instruments and equipment, ensuring a virtuous cycle of power supply.

At present, the domestic environmental protection efforts are getting stronger, the atmosphere sampling and testing business is increasing, and the industry competition is becoming more and more fierce. When the environmental protection testing instrument is used outdoors, it is inevitable that there is no mains power and the instrument's own power supply is not enough, which leads to the difficulty of using the instrument and slow work efficiency.

Cuneng Electric Co., Ltd. has developed and manufactured a portable UPS powerr supply, which completely solves the problem of outdoor electricity consumption, greatly facilitates the use of environmental protection equipment, and greatly improves the work efficiency of environmental protection equipment. Dedicated to my country's environmental protection cause can not be ignored.

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Outdoor portable UPS emergency power supply helps environmental monitoring vehicles work

When there is no power support and wiring is difficult, outdoor environmental monitoring usually uses gasoline generators or pulling temporary power supplies to power the construction site, but its disadvantages are obvious, such as unstable power connection, too heavy equipment, and difficult to carry. Problems such as high noise, environmental pollution, and insufficient safety.

At present, the role of outdoor portable UPS power supply in environmental monitoring is becoming more and more significant. The main reason is that most of the monitoring equipment and analytical equipment do not have their own power supply, and these professional instruments need to be outdoors to be truly effective, so With the development of lithium battery technology and the actual needs of environmental monitoring work, the instrument's own battery has become a trend.

However, these instruments often have problems such as insufficient battery capacity, fast power consumption, and bulky and difficult to carry. When continuous sampling is required for a long time, the built-in battery still cannot meet actual needs. Therefore, outdoor power supplies have also begun to receive attention from the environmental monitoring industry.

As the electricity "supply station" of the assisted environmental monitoring vehicle, the portable outdoor power supply of Energy Storage can ensure normal electricity consumption due to its large capacity, high power, and high safety and reliability. It is a monitoring for outdoor operations. Equipment, personal communication equipment, monitoring equipment, etc. provide ample power.

Outdoor portable UPS emergency power supply has the advantages of small size, light weight, stable output, and long service life. It is suitable for various outdoor work sites where AC power is inconvenient and work sites that require emergency power supply. Embedded with a smart display screen, you can always observe the power usage, see the output voltage at any time, and prompt faults and improper operation, which is more secure.

Its charging method is also compatible with a variety of mobile power products. It can support three charging methods: solar panel charging, car charging, and city charging. No matter where you are, the outdoor portable UPS power supply can be charged and used immediately.

The emergence of portable UPS AC and DC power supplies has brought good news to the environmental sampling instrument industry, solved the power problem of outdoor sampling, improved work efficiency, and facilitated people's lives. At present, portable AC and DC power supplies are more widely used, which not only solves the power consumption of field detection and sampling, but also applies to the power needs of communication, electric power, film and television, fire protection and other industries.