UPS power lithium batteries

UPS power supply-UPS lithium battery application scenarios
1. Lithium battery modular UPS application-data center
Modular data center is a new generation of data center deployment form based on cloud computing. In order to cope with the development trend of cloud computing, virtualization, centralization, and high-density servers, it adopts a modular design concept to minimize the impact of infrastructure on the computer room. Environmental coupling. Integrating subsystems such as power supply and distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, air containment, integrated wiring, dynamic environment monitoring, etc., improve the overall operating efficiency of the data center, and achieve rapid deployment, flexible expansion, and green energy saving. lithium battery modular UPS power supply adopts a modular design, and the system structure is extremely flexible. The design concept of the power module is that it can be removed and installed at will when the system is running without affecting the operation and output of the system, so that the investment plan can be realized. Expansion on demand" allows users to achieve "dynamic growth" with business development, which not only satisfies the on-demand expansion of later equipment, but also reduces the initial purchase cost.
2. Portable UPS application-emergency system
In recent years, my country’s sudden disasters have occurred with high frequency and large scale, and their impact on the economy and society has been increasing. They have attracted great attention from society and government departments at all levels. After the disaster occurs, at the extremely complex disaster site, can an on-site emergency communication system be quickly and evenly set up to transmit a large amount of data, pictures, voice and video of the disaster site to the rear, and can efficiently direct the rescuers on the scene to carry out the rescue , It seems particularly important.
Therefore, emergency communication has played an important role in major events over the years. When the roadbed infrastructure is intact or rarely damaged, the original communication conditions cannot meet the requirements of the disaster rescue site communication command, and portable mobile-based emergency communication can be used. When the system arrives at the site, it communicates with the original communication core network, supports uninterrupted wireless broadband access applications under large-scale, high-speed movement, and meets the business needs of data scheduling, mobile video monitoring, vehicle personnel positioning, and mobile command vehicle emergency communications. This method has the characteristics of fast networking speed, high reliability, high transmission rate, and low transmission cost. It not only meets the needs of data exchange between rescue personnel on site, but also maintains high-bandwidth and smooth communication with the rear command center. . CBX series portable UPS is specially designed for outdoor emergency. The product is light in weight, high in capacity, and high in power. It has unique 48VDC & 220VAC voltage output, each voltage is high current output, so that similar products cannot reach, AC100V ~240V output, the maximum output power can reach 6000W, the product uses high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery as energy storage backup, small size, light weight, easy to carry, and provides reliable power supply for various emergency scenarios.

3. Lithium battery integrated UPS application-communication base station
A communication base station, that is, a public mobile communication base station is a form of radio station, which refers to a radio transceiver station that communicates information with mobile phone terminals through a mobile communication switching center in a limited radio coverage area. The base station is the basic unit that forms the cellular cell in mobile communication, and completes the communication and management functions between the mobile communication network and mobile communication users. uses iron-lithium battery UPS system for communication. It uses iron-lithium battery packs as energy storage components. It has multiple protection technologies and a complete battery management system. It fully meets the needs of industry development and is an ideal product to replace old UPS power supplies. When the mains power is normal, the UPS works in the mains state; when the mains power is abnormal, the internal lithium battery system is inverted to output 220V AC voltage to supply power to the equipment, and the conversion process is seamlessly switched.

4. On-board lithium battery UPS application-communication command vehicle
The communication command vehicle uses advanced high-power broadcast command system, modern wireless communication technology, computer technology, image acquisition and transmission technology, strong light lighting technology, etc., to achieve communication between the command vehicle and field staff, and on-site command and dispatch functions. It is the command center of public security, fire protection and other departments for large-scale scenes, mass evacuation, emergency rescue, and comprehensive movement. It is a comprehensive application of modern communication technology and other high-tech technologies. on-board lithium battery UPS is suitable for all kinds of special modified vehicles. The product is small in size, light in weight, rack-mounted installation, saving space and reducing vehicle load; using lithium battery energy storage, installation is more convenient, and maintenance is simpler. The on-board UPS system design greatly improves the reliability of the power supply system, and completely eliminates the adverse effects of the impact of the power grid, surges, sinks and noise interference on the load equipment, with exquisite quality, excellent performance and humanized operation Design-oriented. It is widely used in various special modified vehicles.