Fuel cell knowledge

The fuel cell consumes hydrogen, and the cost of consumption is the price of hydrogen consumption.

At present, the selling price of hydrogen in commercial hydrogen refueling stations in my country is between 30-120 yuan/kg (Shanghai Yilan hydrogen refueling station hydrogen price is 40-45 yuan/kg), calculated on the basis of a passenger car’s battery life of 100 kilometers per kilogram , And its cost is 30-120 yuan/100 kilometers.

   The cost of fuel cell itself is related to the output. Because foreign fuel cell vehicles are more mature than domestic ones, the cost is relatively low.

  According to calculations based on relevant data, when the output of fuel cells in foreign countries reaches 500,000 units, the cost can be reduced to 40 US dollars/kW. At present, due to the small output in China, the battery cost is between 10,000 and 15,000/kW.

   The infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles is a hydrogen refueling station. The construction cost of a hydrogen refueling station is related to its hydrogen refueling capacity. Generally speaking, the greater the hydrogen refueling capacity, the higher the overall investment price of the hydrogen refueling station.

  According to public information, the investment scale of domestic hydrogen refueling stations with a hydrogen supply capacity of 500kg/d is between 12 and 18 million.

  The cost of Nanhai Ruihui hydrogen refueling station is 15.5 million yuan, the cost of Foluo road hydrogen refueling station is 12.5 million yuan, and the cost of Hanlan Songgang Chantan Road hydrogen refueling station is 29.85 million yuan.

   At present, the highest construction price of hydrogen refueling stations in my country is the Shanghai Yilanjinshan hydrogen refueling station. This hydrogen refueling station is currently the world's largest hydrogen refueling station with a total investment of 55 million yuan.

  1. Norman & Esso Group leads the era of hydrogen batteries

    Hydrogen energy

    After several generations of efforts, the Norman Esso Group has developed into a technological leader in process gas, natural gas and technical gas compressor systems.

    In 2021, the hydrogen energy industry continues to rise, the central and local layouts have been implemented one after another, and the giant companies have also accelerated the pace of enclosing the race, and the era of hydrogen energy is approaching.

    From June 8th to 10th, the 6th 2021 International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference was held. Shanghai and the six cities of Suzhou, Nantong, Jiaxing, Zibo, and Ningdong of Erdos jointly launched a fuel cell vehicle city cluster cooperation project, focusing on the demonstration of finished steel products transportation, vehicle logistics, port and airport, coal transportation, logistics park

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  2. Safe production and utilization of hydrogen energy under the background of carbon neutralization

    Safe production and utilization of hydrogen energy under the background of carbon neutralization

    1、 Hydrogen energy development on double carbon target
    What is carbon neutralization? The concept of carbon neutralization is actually a balance, that is, the carbon emitted by human activities is balanced with the carbon consumed, and carbon dioxide is discharged into the air. What are the ways? We see its importance and urgency. The Paris Agreement in 2015 has raised the problem of carbon neutralization, which controls the global steady temperature rise within 2 degrees before industrialization, and tries to control it within 1.5 degrees. In 2050-2100, the global goal of "carbon neutralization" is achieved, namely, the balance between emission and absorption of greenhouse gases. China will improve its national independent contribution. To reach the peak by 2030 is "carbon peak", and to achieve "carbon neutralization" in 2060. This is China's promise to the world. That is, we do not need to achieve carbon neutralization by 2100 and in 2060, it will reflect the responsibility of a g

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  3. Difference between lithium battery ups and lead acid UPS

    Difference between lithium battery ups and lead acid UPS

    To talk about the difference between lithium battery ups and lead-acid UPS, we can start with their main battery and talk about the difference between lithium battery and lead-acid battery. Because the biggest difference between battery and UPS power supply is that UPS contains battery, and the biggest difference between lithium battery ups and lead-acid UPS is the difference of battery.
    Definition of UPS
    UPS is the abbreviation of English name uninterruptible power system / uninterruptible power supply, which means uninterruptible power supply when translated into Chinese. It consists of a battery connected with the host, and a host inverter which converts DC power into commercial power.
    UPS is mainly used to provide stable and uninterrupted power supply for a single computer, computer network system or other power electronic equipment, such as solenoid valve, pressure transmitter, etc.
    When the mains power input is normal, ups will supply the load after the mains power is

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  4. Current status and prospects of fuel cell development

    Current status and prospects of fuel cell development

    Since the 21st century, with the development of science and technology and the gradual improvement of human living standards, the demand for automobiles has also begun to grow rapidly. Automobile exhaust has become one of the main pollution sources of the atmosphere, and traditional internal combustion engine vehicles are difficult to solve the problem of fuel shortage and reducing pollutant emissions.

    Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction, countries advocate the use of unconventional vehicle fuels as power sources for pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and other new energy vehicles to reduce or even not emit greenhouse gases to reduce the impact on the atmosphere. Pollution. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in countries around the world, a consensus has been reached to reduce or reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and many countries and regions have issued relevant policies to control and limit

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