Customization of outdoor high-power portable UPS mobile power supply

The high-power portable UPS mobile power supply makes outdoor power use not panic. In outdoor life, it is an indisputable fact that it is difficult to obtain electricity, especially some field power facilities, because of the lack of fixed power supply system, which can not meet the shortcomings of long-term outdoor use. In order to effectively deal with emergencies, various portable emergency mobile power supplies are more and more used in practice.
High power portable UPS mobile power supply makes outdoor power use unnecessary
What about long-term outdoor power consumption? Power supply is also an important issue for outdoor activities, such as outdoor self driving tour, outdoor camping, emergency rescue, outdoor survey, outdoor operation, fire rescue and other power fields. The service voltage of such electrical appliances is 220V. General mobile power supply may not drive such high-power equipment.
At present, the outdoor portable mobile power supply market is surging, multiple UPS manufacturers are entering the site, various outdoor power supplies emerge in endlessly, and the functions are becoming more and more diversified. How to select the appropriate outdoor power supply manufacturers? Xiaobian hereby recommends a good portable UPS manufacturer. I have purchased their products before and feel that the cost performance is quite high~
Energy storage electric CBX Series Portable lithium battery UPS power supply AC100V ~ 240V output, output power up to 6000W, super power pure sine wave output; Usually, the greater the power, the wider the scope of application, and of course, the higher the price.
Energy storage electric portable UPS adopts high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery core, which has stable voltage, lower resistance and higher safety performance. Built in BMS battery protection system, six safety protection, with overvoltage / overload / overcurrent / overcharge / discharge / temperature protection design, to provide you with a simple mobile power solution.
Four output modes, equipped with four different interfaces of AC / DC / USB / car charging, professional portable power supply, wider compatibility, multi interface design, no need to wait for power. It can supply power to a variety of devices at the same time, such as smart phones, digital devices, projectors, UAVs, notebooks, small rice cookers, small fans, car refrigerators, etc.
Portable 220V mobile UPS power supply can supply power to equipment in the field and other situations without fixed AC220V power supply, and complete field power maintenance and power patrol inspection. High power portable UPS mobile power supply is quiet and pollution-free in use, which is a green and environment-friendly power consumption scheme.
High power portable UPS power supply is not afraid of outdoor harsh environment. It meets the power needs of self driving tourism, film and television shooting, outdoor work, lighting equipment, digital products, emergency rescue and other equipment. The unimaginable and efficient conversion brings users convenient power anytime and anywhere, so that users can use it freely without worrying about power.
As a big brand of high-power portable UPS power supply, energy storage electric is loved by many users. It is committed to providing customers with an outdoor uninterruptible power supply solution environment to easily solve the problems of outdoor storage and power collection. In order to make you enjoy using electricity outdoors, don't worry.