Solar power bank

What is a solar power bank? As the name implies, it is a new type of power source that converts solar energy into electric energy and stores it in a storage battery. At the same time, it has a mobile nature. Compared with general power banks, solar power banks have good performance in terms of functionality, scope of use, and safety. Solar power banks will be more suitable for emergency power use in outdoor situations. Taking SADE solar mobile power SKA1500 as an example, let's take a look at the advantages of this energy storage power supply product.

High power and large capacity

The higher the power of the solar mobile power, the more electrical appliances it can carry; the greater the capacity, the longer the battery life. This SKA1500 has a built-in 417600mAh large battery cell capacity, which can carry equipment within 1500W. Like our common high-power appliances, such as rice cookers, induction cookers, desktop computers, and refrigerators, they can all be used. Not only that, SADE solar mobile power SKA1500 It can also be used for powering construction equipment such as electric drills, cutting machines, and oscilloscopes.

Easy to carry

Although ordinary mobile power supplies are small and portable, they are generally smooth and have no handles. If the hands are not held firmly, they will easily fall to the ground. However, the SADE solar outdoor power supply SKA1500 has a more user-friendly design, and the SKA1500 body is equipped with a handle. , Easy to carry around, square appearance, no matter where it is placed, it will not take up too much space, and people can mention it wherever they go.

Rich interface

SADE solar outdoor power supply SKA1500 is equipped with two 220V AC output ports, two 12V DC output ports and four 5V USB DC output ports. There are multiple interface methods, which can supply power/charge for devices with different interfaces at the same time. higher efficiency.

Many charging methods

When charging is needed, SADE solar outdoor power supply can be used in a variety of environments. SADE solar mobile power SKA1500 is equipped with three charging methods: car charger, mains charger and solar panel charger. It is worth mentioning that the last way to use solar photovoltaic panels for charging is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The solar panels can also be folded, with their own brackets, imported silicon wafers, and 25% solar energy conversion efficiency. SADE outdoor power supply SKA1500 has solar MPPT function, and it can be used together with SADE solar charging board to achieve the best state of solar panel power generation.

power bank

Such a fully functional solar portable power bank, don't you want to take it to use when you travel outdoors?