How to assemble lithium batteries

Want to assemble lithium batteries? These lithium battery assembly technology needs to know! The lithium battery assembly industry is still relatively economical. Many friends have aimed at lithium battery assembly for the first time. The quality of various assembled lithium batteries on the market varies from good to bad. So today, the editor of Energy Electric will talk about some of the lithium battery assembly technology. related information.

Want to assemble lithium batteries? These lithium battery assembly technology needs to know!

1. Precise positioning of lithium battery components

Must have suitable lithium battery pack positioning technology and experience, and be able to achieve an efficient processing and calibration system according to the requirements of mechanical positioning and image processing. In order to maintain accuracy for a long time, it is necessary to realize the control of the camera or positioning table, and also to realize precise positioning, including the installation design.

2. Laser welding of lithium battery components

If possible, according to personal needs, such as CO2, YAG, LED, fiber and other laser knowledge and achievements. Such as laser welding of thin battery foil, welding of throttle housing and cover, welding of resin instead of metal, etc. According to the specifications and selection of the welding machine, the most suitable welding method is recommended.

3. Lithium battery group money test

Before lithium batteries are assembled into a battery pack, they often have to go through the precise matching of voltage/resistance/capacitance to achieve the maximum effect of each battery cell. Each set of lithium batteries must have a matching protective plate, and the finished battery must also undergo an aging test before it can be packed into the case.

What problems should be paid attention to when assembling lithium iron phosphate battery pack?

1. To assemble a satisfactory lithium iron phosphate battery pack, choose a reliable lithium iron phosphate battery and have an excellent lithium battery balance protection board. At present, you have hybrid protection boards and analog batteries on the market, which is difficult to distinguish from the appearance. It is best to choose digital circuit control, such as energy storage electricity.

2. It is necessary to understand a certain technology, because to choose a suitable battery block, the internal resistance must not be too large and the parameters must not be too different.

3. Considering the choice of charging board, it is not recommended to try without a certain basis, it may cause an explosion.

4. The lithium battery pack should be waterproof and insulated, and the batteries should be arranged neatly to facilitate future maintenance.

5. After the newly assembled lithium battery pack has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to check the battery voltage in groups. Before welding, the internal resistance of the battery and the current and voltage error should not exceed 0.05 volts to prevent overshoot and over discharge.

Do not assemble any lithium battery with the mentality of cutting corners. The core value of future lithium battery assembly equipment lies in whether the unity of lithium batteries can be done well, and equipment of different brands can be compatible with each other to achieve the same level of mutual assistance and complementarity. Achieve a win-win situation and enable the healthy development of the lithium battery industry.