Outdoor portable mobile power method

How to choose an outdoor portable power bank? There is no way to buy an outdoor portable power bank? You have to look at these points! The outdoor power supply can provide electrical energy (power supply or charging) for a variety of electrical equipment anytime and anywhere in the mobile state. The outdoor portable energy storage power supply market has exploded. Which brand of outdoor power supply is better? How to choose outdoor portable power bank? The following are some suggestions on how to purchase outdoor portable energy storage power supplies summarized by the editor of Cuneng Electric.

There is no way to buy an outdoor portable power bank? You have to look at these points!

Want to buy an outdoor portable power bank product? But I am troubled that I don’t know enough about portable power bank products, and I don’t know which brand of outdoor portable power bank has better quality. Not all portable power supplies are called outdoor power supplies. They are dustproof and waterproof, light, portable, and durable. They are called outdoor mobile power supplies.

At present, there are not many domestic manufacturers focusing on outdoor mobile power products. There are probably more than a dozen large and small manufacturers. However, due to the different strengths of manufacturers, the quality of outdoor portable mobile power products produced varies.

Which brand of outdoor power supply is better? Regarding this kind of issue, everyone has different opinions. It is best to choose an outdoor power bank that suits you. Here is an idea for you to buy an outdoor power supply.

Generally, outdoor power supplies should be viewed in terms of power and capacity, followed by the power battery. The quality of the battery determines the stability and safety of the outdoor power supply, and then the product interface of the outdoor power supply. The more the outdoor power supply can be The more electrical equipment that can be matched and used, the more convenient it will be to use. Finally, it depends on the price, that is, the price/performance ratio.

At present, the domestic focus on outdoor portable power products and has a certain market influence and popularity must be counted as energy storage electrical. If you need to buy outdoor portable UPS mobile power supply and don’t know how to choose, I recommend you to buy products produced by Cunneng Electric outdoor mobile power supply manufacturers. Branded products are generally more secure, which can save you from unnecessary worry about buying outdoor mobile power products. .

How to choose suitable outdoor portable power bank products?

Pain points of outdoor electricity use:

1. Large size, heavy weight, not easy to carry.

2. The air is humid and dusty, which corrodes products and causes accidents.

3. The fan is noisy and destroys the camping atmosphere.

The purchase of outdoor mobile power products needs to consider these factors:

1. Small and portable; big brand manufacturers have leading technology, strong design and production strength, so their outdoor mobile power household products will use lithium batteries, and optimize the product space design, making the products small and portable, small in size and light in weight. Carry and use daily.

2. Dust-proof and waterproof; the outdoor mobile power products of big brands also pay attention to the dust-proof and waterproof of the products, so as to meet the complex outdoor use environment, such as rain and snow weather, dusty places and spaces.

3. Quietness; portable UPS mobile power products also pay attention to the good quietness of the product, and no sound can be felt when the product is turned on. It is suitable for various quiet places such as schools, hospitals, bookstores, libraries, etc.

4. Battery capacity; currently on the market there are outdoor mobile power products with various capacities, low, medium and high. If you often use high power-consuming equipment outdoors, it is recommended that you buy high-capacity products. Choose according to your current needs.

5. Charging interface; outdoor travel, especially RV travel and self-driving car travel, need to bring more electronic and electrical equipment, such as mobile phones, rice cookers, kettles, if the outdoor mobile power product supports enough power, the number of interface types and interfaces is large enough , You can bring great convenience to yourself outdoors.

The portable UPS power supply of Cuneng Electric adopts imported high-strength engineering plastic, which is anti-falling, anti-seismic, fire-proof and rain-proof. Using high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery as a backup for energy storage, it is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry. Due to the integrated design, the volume and weight are the best in the industry, and it is more suitable for users who require outdoor travel, portability, and high-quality experience.

In the process of designing, developing and producing outdoor energy storage power supplies, our company not only requires beautiful appearance, reflects energy-saving and environmental protection factors, but also adds four-fold protection such as overvoltage, overcurrent, anti-static, and anti-short circuit on this basis. A series of high and low temperature, vibration, impact, and drop tests were conducted to provide consumers with a safer electricity environment.

The outdoor power supply of energy storage electric is also equipped with three methods: car charging, mains charging, and solar photovoltaic panel charging. Even in the outdoors far away from the urban area, the outdoor power supply can also use solar energy or vehicle interface to supplement electricity.

Summary: A good outdoor portable power bank company not only depends on the price, but also considers many factors. It is recommended to find more manufacturers to compare. Try to avoid buying some products from small Sanwu manufacturers. The products of Sanwu manufacturers have no safety guarantee, and they will cause a lot of unnecessary troubles to yourself.