How to judge the quality of lithium battery testing equipment

How to judge the quality of lithium battery testing equipment? Lithium battery testing equipment is very important. It plays an important role in manufacturing high consistency, good stability and excellent performance lithium cell and battery pack. At present, with the continuous opening of new energy policy in China, the enterprises producing lithium battery equipment emerge in an endless stream, and the number is growing rapidly.
Function of lithium battery testing equipment
Lithium detection equipment plays an important role in the detection of lithium cell and battery pack. Because the lithium battery can always monitor and trace the testing equipment, understand the dynamic of the production line at any time, and quickly find out the cause of the problem products, so as to improve the production efficiency, improve the yield of products, and improve the overall performance of products.
The detection of lithium battery also includes the flow and capacity of the battery, which can effectively extend the service life of electronic products. Another important thing is that lithium batteries have a wide range of applications. After testing, the specific application range can be determined.
The reason why many electronic manufacturers test lithium batteries is to test the concept of green environmental protection and promote the recycling efficiency of batteries. Also lies in the core of electronic products is the battery, most of the concerns of consumers are battery after-sales service. Another reason is that the production of lithium battery can reduce the production cost of battery, and save the production cost and the cost of battery for manufacturers.
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Function of testing equipment in lithium battery manufacturing process
1. Formation and classification: after the assembly of battery cells, each cell must undergo at least one precisely controlled charge discharge cycle to activate the working materials and convert them into usable forms. Battery suppliers can also use this process to divide the battery cells into different performance groups for sale according to the optional specifications, which is called "grading".
2. Cycle and characteristic test: cycle refers to multiple charging and discharging of lithium battery cells and batteries to perform life and reliability test. Feature refers to the detailed measurement of the technical characteristics of the battery. Generally speaking, both tests take a long time, usually more than one day, and only some selected battery samples are tested in the laboratory.
3. Function test: before delivery to the final customer, in order to ensure that each battery unit and battery pack can work normally, function test must be carried out on each lithium battery after manufacturing. In order to shorten the test time, function test is a simplified test, including only some necessary items.
How to judge the quality of lithium battery testing equipment?
1、 The pressure level and safety performance are up to standard
Since the lithium battery testing equipment needs to test the indicators of lithium battery after it is put into use, and the internal structure of lithium battery often contains many special chemicals, improper operation may endanger personal safety. Therefore, when evaluating the quality of lithium battery test equipment, we can start from the pressure level parameters. At the same time, the buyer should also pay attention to whether the safety performance of lithium battery test equipment meets the standard.
2、 Is the test result accurate
Lithium battery test equipment is actually a test equipment for lithium battery production parameters. Most battery manufacturers purchase lithium battery test equipment in order to improve the qualification rate of lithium battery production. Therefore, when judging the quality of lithium battery testing equipment, we should pay attention to the accuracy of the test results. If the testing equipment can not objectively and accurately provide lithium battery parameters to the manufacturer, it will deviate from the original intention of the enterprise to purchase lithium battery testing equipment.
The above content is to judge the quality of lithium battery test equipment, which can be introduced from several aspects. Good quality and service of lithium battery testing equipment restrict the development of battery enterprises to a certain extent. Therefore, every buyer should evaluate the quality of lithium battery test equipment with a careful attitude.
Conclusion: with the rapid growth of lithium batteries, the test equipment used in the manufacturing process has become very important. The vigorous development of lithium battery industry also brings new opportunities for the field of lithium battery testing equipment. In general, lithium batteries have a great impact on the "quality and safety, product consistency and subsequent maintenance costs" of electronic products. If the product quality is to be guaranteed, it is necessary to test the lithium batteries.