how to keep battery health good

The battery itself is a consumable, and the lithium battery will be the same as your mother. As the years are getting older, you can’t expect your girlfriend to accompany you to the world and the sea every day, and then the vibrato will call you crazy, fly infinitely and still have time. The face of the 18-year-old girl, the technology of Teacher Cang, and the mother-like breastfeeding are basically the gap between the pursuit of infinite stable energy and the user experience.

One, stay away from extreme temperatures. Your equipment can perform well in a wide range of ambient temperatures, and the temperature range between 16°C and 22°C (62°F and 72°F) is ideal. It is especially important to keep the device away from places where the ambient temperature is higher than 35°C (95°F), otherwise the battery capacity may be permanently damaged. In this case, after your battery is charged, it can no longer power your device for a long time. Charging the device in a high temperature environment may further damage the device. When the battery exceeds the recommended temperature, the software may limit charging after the battery reaches 80%. Even storing the battery in a high temperature environment may cause irreparable damage. When using the device in a very cold environment, you may notice a decrease in battery life, but this situation is only temporary. When the battery temperature returns to the normal operating range, its performance will also return to normal.

Second, remove some protective cases when charging. When you charge the device together in some styles of protective cases, too much heat may be generated, which will affect the battery capacity. If you find that your device gets hot while charging, please remove the protective case first. For the Apple Watch Edition series, make sure that the magnetic charging case is open.

3. When storing for a long time, please keep half the power. If the device is not used for a long time, there are two key factors that will affect the overall operating condition of the battery: the ambient temperature and the percentage of the battery charged before being stored in a power failure. Therefore, we recommend the following: Do not fully charge or fully discharge, the device should be charged at about 50%. If you store the device when the battery is completely depleted, the battery may fall into a deep discharge state, causing the consequence that it cannot be recharged. Conversely, if you store a fully charged device for a long period of time, you may lose some of the battery capacity and shorten the battery life. Turn off the power to the device to avoid additional battery usage. Place the device in a cool, non-humid environment with a temperature below 32°C (90°F). If you plan to store the device for more than six months, you should charge the device to 50% power every six months. Depending on the length of time the device has been stored, a device that has been stored for a long time may be in a low battery state when it is used again. To use it again, you may need to charge it with the original power adapter for 20 minutes.

For iphone mobile phone batteries, Apple has never lacked capacity, but now Cook can no longer allow Apple to be independent. If it is under Joe’s management, the problem may not be that complicated. The strong structural stability guarantees the battery's space capacity. , Teach users how to say yes, instead of letting users say no to you and do what they think is right, pursue silky smoothness in terms of stability, tire of Apple’s innovation, and the orientation of new products no longer teach users how to use iPhone, but It is to teach finance how to count more money.

From the engineer's point of view, for the stability of the system, the CPU frequency is reduced, the peak power of the battery is reduced, and the stability is improved. It is a basic idea. In fact, opening the ios system option is the best solution. The ios system is based on the hardware system. Now the hardware of 6-x and above is too large and the performance gap is too large, so that ios and hardware are not very compatible, and there is more than battery For other problems, users can choose ios to make the system better adapt to iPhone hardware and reduce overall problems. The battery capacity is generally calculated in AH (ampere hour), and the other is based on CELL (unit plate) several watts (W) Calculation.
(W/CELL) 1.Ah (ampere hour) calculation, discharge current (constant current) I × discharge time (hour) T. For example, if a 7AH battery has a continuous discharge current of 0.35A, the time can be continuous for 20 hours. 2. The charging time is 15 hours as the standard, and the charging current is 1/10 of the battery capacity. Fast charging will reduce the battery life. The battery capacity refers to the amount of power stored in the battery. The unit of battery capacity is "mAh", and the Chinese name is milliampere-hour (when measuring large-capacity batteries such as lead storage batteries, for convenience, it is generally represented by "Ah", and the Chinese name is Ah, 1Ah=1000mAh). If the rated capacity of the battery is 1300mAh, that is, the current of 130mA discharges the battery, then the battery can continue to work for 10 hours (1300mAh/130mA=10h); if the discharge current is 1300mA, the power supply time is only about 1 hour (actual working time There are some differences due to individual differences in the actual capacity of the battery). This is an analysis in an ideal state. The current of a digital device when it is actually working cannot always be constant at a certain value (take a digital camera as an example, the working current will be larger due to the opening or closing of the LCD display, flashlight and other components. Therefore, the battery can only provide an approximate value for the power supply time of a certain device, and this value can only be estimated by actual operating experience.

Our advice to general users:
The iPhone’s design hardware performance is two years, and the battery is replaced every year. The phone is replaced every two years. The warranty is one year. Apple’s after-sales standard is less than 80%. The battery shows the repair status, and it is free to replace during the warranty period. Non-warranty period It is recommended to replace, the CPU will reduce the frequency in the maintenance state to ensure the battery life, that is, i will use more and more cards. Whether to replace the battery, most of it depends on the user's own experience. It feels that frequent charging is not the same as urine. As long as the battery does not appear to cause automatic shutdown, high temperature alarms, and non-boot problems caused by bulging, it is not mandatory to replace the battery. Now the price of the battery is relatively low, and it is not too burdensome. The battery itself is a consumable, just like chewing gum. After chewing for a long time, I just vomited. In addition, the temperature in many parts of the country is relatively low, and the performance of the battery at low temperature is attenuated. This is the chemical properties of all batteries. The current temperature in Zhejiang is close to 0, and the battery is not charging and battery life. I find a lot of after-sales. I suggest you use the warm baby to charge it or charge it at room temperature under the air conditioner. Don’t do the following:

1. Don't try to change the battery by yourself. This user just tries to scrap a screen by himself. The screen is the price of three batteries.
2. There is sealant for 6S models and above, please pay attention to 3. The battery should be original, just like this user, we will finally replace the original battery for him to solve these problems, but pay attention to replace the battery of the same specification, do not buy fake batteries , Replace the original battery as much as possible. Pay attention to the battery's basic continued navigation stability. Ask about the after-sales situation after the replacement. Smoke, damage to other parts, etc. 7 and above are ip67 waterproof. The seal must be restored before and after replacement. Give you a negative textbook. A user we dealt with. The SE model buys a second mobile phone, the assembly machine, the battery is inferior, and the battery is not caused by bulge. Turn on.

In short, lithium batteries can be charged as they are used in normal use, and there is no need for all kinds of messy maintenance. If it’s a mobile phone battery, just use it normally. The battery is bought and used. It is not intentionally damaged, and it is enough to stay away from high temperatures.