How to maintain 18650 lithium battery

What is an 18650 battery cell? How to maintain the 18650 battery?
It refers to the appearance design specification model of the lithium battery cell, the specification model specification of the lithium battery cell that the Japanese SONY company originally decided to save costs. In the 18650 core, the data of 18650 represents the appearance size: 18 means the diameter is 18mm, 65 means the length is 65mm, and 0 means the cylindrical cell. General 18650 batteries are divided into lithium-ion battery batteries, lithium iron phosphate and nickel-hydrogen batteries.
Features of 18650 batteries:
1. The volume is large.
Under normal circumstances, the volume of 18650 lithium batteries is generally between 1800mAh-2600mAh, while the volume of general lithium batteries is only about 800Mah. If this kind of lithium batteries are fused together to form a 18650 lithium battery, then the 18650 lithium battery can easily increase 5000Mah. .
2. It has a long life
The 18650 lithium battery has a long service life. In all normal applications, the cycle system has a service life of more than 500 times, which is more than twice that of the general lithium battery. The battery cathode material uses the 18650 lithium battery of the lithium iron phosphate battery. All normal applications The frequency of the hourly circulatory system reaches up to 2000 times.
3. Higher safety factor;
High safety factor, non-toxic, zero-pollution lithium battery cell certified according to RoHS; a variety of safety factors are achieved in one go, the frequency of the cycle system exceeds 500 times; the heat resistance is good, and the charging and discharging efficiency reaches 100% at 65 degrees. In order to better prevent the short circuit failure of the lithium battery cell, the positive stage and the negative stage of the 18650 lithium battery cell are separated. Therefore, the probability of short-circuit fault conditions has been reduced to a minimum. A lithium battery protection board can be added to prevent overcharging and overcharging and discharging the core, and it can also extend the life of the lithium battery.
4. It is high voltage.
The operating voltage of the lithium battery cell 18650 is generally higher than that of the nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen lithium batteries.
5. No memory.
6. Small internal resistance;
Because the internal resistance of the 18650 lithium battery core is not large, like the output power multiple type 18650 bipolar ear, its internal resistance can be below 25mΩ.
7. It is common for assembly and use.
Lithium battery packs with different working voltages and different volumes can be connected in series, in parallel, and in parallel.
8. Wide range of use
Because the specifications are fixed, the 18650 is small in size, light in weight, and large in volume. Become the best choice for many power-consuming machines and equipment.
The production process and regulations of 18650 batteries.
The 18650 lithium battery is still a devotee of electronic products in the notebook period. With the popularization of smart phones, tablets and other smart products, mobile chargers have become indispensable machinery and equipment for everyone's transportation, and 18650 has also come from behind and is familiar to everyone. What makes the seemingly simple 18650 lithium battery cell?
In the data industry at this stage, the utilization rate of lithium batteries is the largest. Its most prominent advantage is its high specific energy, which is especially suitable for small and easy-to-use electronic products. Compared with the past batteries, lithium batteries can be recycled and reused and have the advantages of environmental protection. Both the positive and negative materials of the battery can be digested and absorbed by the lithium-ion battery, and the lithium-ion battery is released. However, the organic chemistry potential of lithium-ion batteries at the positive and negative levels is different. The organic chemistry potential of lithium ion batteries is higher in the negative stage, and the organic chemistry potential of lithium ion batteries in the positive stage is lower. When the negative stage is charged and discharged, the lithium-ion battery stored in the negative stage will be released and digested and absorbed by the positive stage. Since the organic chemical potential of lithium-ion batteries is higher in the negative level than the positive level, these potential differences are released into electromagnetic energy. The whole process of filling is reversed to the whole process, that is, the lithium ion battery in the positive stage is released to the negative stage. Because the lithium ion battery moves back and forth between positive and negative, the lithium battery is also called the chair rechargeable battery.
The most common lithium battery packaging method today is 18650, whether it is the most fashionable ternary material today, or the first lithium iron phosphate battery in my country and the unpopularized lithium titanate, all have this specification model. Cylindrical cylindrical packaging method is selected, with a diameter of 20mm and a length of 65mm. It is widely used in industries such as mobile power supplies, pure electric vehicles, notebooks, and strong light flashlights. The advantage of this type of packaging is that the specifications and models are unified, which is conducive to automation technology and industrialized manufacturing. , Has the characteristics of high impact toughness, strong impact resistance and high product qualification rate; in addition, Prismatic square hard package package is more common on mobile phones and tablets. The most immediate advantage of this type of package is lightness, small size, and Conducive to bring.
Generally speaking, rechargeable batteries include nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, 18650 lithium batteries and polymer lithium batteries. Today, we will discuss the maintenance methods of 18650 lithium batteries.
1. Suitable temperature, avoid heat and cold. The application working temperature is best to be around 25, because too high working temperature will cause the rechargeable battery to be overcharged and vapor appears, and too low working temperature will cause the battery to be insufficiently charged.
2. In the proper operation method of 18650 lithium battery, the battery charging method of the lithium battery is the most important, because the wrong battery charging method will cause safety hazards, and the charging and discharging and normal maintenance only endanger the life of the lithium battery. Lithium battery is also a kind of consumable, no matter what countermeasures are adopted, it is impossible to avoid its final loss, but everyone uses appropriate methods to reduce its embrittlement.
3. In order to make full use of the high efficiency of lithium batteries, they must be used frequently, so that the electronic devices in the lithium battery are in a fluid state from beginning to end. If you don't use lithium batteries often, please remember to charge lithium batteries for one battery charge cycle every month, and do a power calibration, that is, deep charge and discharge and deep battery charge.
4. Pay attention to the working voltage of battery charging. If the battery charging voltage is too high, the rechargeable battery will be charged by too many batteries, otherwise the battery will not be charged enough, which is harmful to the 18650 lithium battery.