How to use the power lithium battery correctly

How to use the power lithium battery correctly?
1. Timeliness of battery charging:
(1) The original power lithium battery is generally charged with a half-electric charge. When riding for the first time, it is best to fully charge the battery. First, the life of the lithium battery will reduce the induced charge of the lithium battery, and second, it can activate the active material in it.
(2) It is not necessary to drain the battery every time you ride a bicycle. Over-discharge will cause great damage to the lithium battery. Long-term overcharge and discharge will reduce the frequency of the battery's circulatory system by 3 times. At least when the electric vehicle prompts that the power consumption is too low during the entire driving process, it is necessary to decisively terminate the driving and charge the power lithium battery.
2. Timeliness of charging:
(1) Regardless of the occasion, the lithium battery should be charged, even if the battery has already consumed 50% of the power consumption before. Because it is different from Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, Ni-MH rechargeable batteries have memory capacity, but lithium batteries do not.
(2) Do not overcharge the lithium battery pack. When the power lithium battery pack battery is charging, the information light is on and stop the lithium battery pack battery charging.
3. Charge to make up for self-discharge:
Assuming that rechargeable batteries are not used for a long time, rechargeable batteries must be charged once within 60 to 90 days, because the best storage capacity of lithium batteries is half-electric storage (that is, storage in the middle of the allowable volume of 40% to 60%). Lithium batteries have a large working standard voltage. Therefore, when the volume is half, the working standard voltage of energy storage technology is best located in the middle.
4. Original battery charging equipment:
Try to use genuine lithium battery chargers to charge the battery. The suit charging plug has an excellent scope of application, and the battery charging rate is moderate. At this stage, some fast charging piles do not need to be used too much. There will be benefits when used once or twice a year. Excessive current rechargeable batteries will continue to cause huge damage to the internal structure of the rechargeable batteries.
5. Storage natural temperature environment:
Between -20°C and 45°C, the geographical environment of polymer lithium batteries is relatively open, but in fact, room temperature is the best. In the whole process of aging, the temperature may be an important reason for the slow decrease of the volume of the lithium battery. For regions with large temperature differences, the northeast region should develop low-temperature-resistant lithium batteries, and coastal cities should develop high-temperature-resistant power lithium batteries.