Market concentration in the field of energy storage lithium battery power storage

Why does energy storage lithium batteries have a high market concentration in the field of power storage? In the context of carbon neutrality, energy storage is the only way to realize the energy transition. Nowadays, with the continuous increase of lithium battery production capacity, our electric energy storage lithium batteries are also developing rapidly, and the economics of lithium battery energy storage have indeed gradually manifested, and the energy storage industry is ushering in a key point of "parity".

Why does energy storage lithium batteries have a high market concentration in the field of power storage?

The power industry is the country's basic pillar industry, and it has strict requirements for the safety and reliability of equipment. We need to have a rigorous and respectful attitude to the promotion of power storage. Many lithium battery companies take power storage as their target market,my country's energy storage lithium batteries are mainly used in the field of power and communication energy storage. Among them, the power system energy storage lithium battery market is highly concentrated. The business layout of energy storage battery manufacturers is related to their own advantages: major energy storage technology providers, energy storage converter providers, and energy storage system integrators are based on consumption, power lithium battery leader, inverter leader, and photovoltaic or New energy vehicle terminal applications are mostly leading.

At present, the power grid has become an important boost to stimulate the development of the lithium battery energy storage industry, and the demand is very obvious. As we all know, the power grid is configured according to the maximum power load. Fast load growth requires the configuration of corresponding power sources and power grids. However, these power sources and power grids built to meet peak loads are idle during low power consumption and peak periods. This is not only The power generation efficiency will be reduced, and it will also cause a great waste of resources. Lithium energy storage can just solve this problem.

Lithium battery energy storage has many application scenarios in the power industry, which are generally divided into three major links: power generation side, transmission and distribution side, and power consumption side. There are about dozens of application scenarios.

On the power generation side, the role of energy storage is mainly to regulate load, smooth intermittent energy, improve new energy consumption, increase grid reserve capacity, and participate in frequency regulation.

On the transmission and distribution side, energy storage is configured to improve circuit quality, reduce line losses, increase grid reserve capacity, improve the utilization efficiency of transmission and distribution equipment, and delay the demand for capacity expansion.

In terms of distributed energy storage on the power consumption side, energy storage can improve distributed energy consumption, peak and valley filling, load transfer, reduce electricity costs, and improve power supply reliability and power quality.

With the construction and expansion of 5G base stations, the demand for communications lithium-ion battery energy storage backup power sources has increased, and communications operators and tower companies have purchased communications backup lithium batteries in batches in the form of tenders. Generally speaking, in the global market, domestic lithium battery factories have evolved mature technical routes and strong cost control capabilities, and are the most powerful competitors in the global lithium battery energy storage market. The domestic lithium battery industry chain will fully benefit from the global electrochemical energy storage The rapid development of the industry.

Advantages of lithium batteries in the field of energy storage

①The density is relatively high, the endurance is strong, and with the application of cathode materials, the life and safety of power batteries have been greatly improved, and the preferred application is in the field of energy storage.

②Lithium batteries have a long cycle life. In the future, the shortcomings of relatively low energy density, weak endurance, and high price make the application of lithium batteries in the field of energy storage possible.

③Lithium battery has good rate performance and is relatively easy to prepare. It is more conducive to the application of energy storage in the future to improve the high temperature performance and poor cycle performance.

④ Driven by national policies, the demand for lithium batteries in the energy storage field is also growing rapidly, becoming a follow-up force to promote the growth of the lithium battery market.

Regional market status of the global energy storage industry in 2021

From the perspective of the installed capacity of global energy storage projects, the regional market for the energy storage industry is unevenly distributed. The cumulative installed capacity of energy storage projects is mainly distributed in Asia, Europe and North America; the newly installed capacity of electrochemical energy storage projects in 2020 is mainly distributed in China, Europe and the United States.

The needs of energy storage projects in different regions have different priorities: energy storage on the grid side, photovoltaic power stations, wind power stations, etc., is a more concerned field in my country’s energy storage projects; the European grid side and utility side markets have contributed more than 50% of the installed capacity of battery energy storage; the breakthroughs in the scale of newly added operation in the United States mainly come from the grid side and the power generation side.

Summary: In the short term, lithium batteries are expected to become a new hot spot in the energy storage industry; in the long term, lithium batteries will occupy a major share of the energy storage market, and it is an important part of the development strategy for the new energy industry. Lithium energy storage is ready to go. , The industry has a vast space!