Hydrogen energy

After several generations of efforts, the Norman Esso Group has developed into a technological leader in process gas, natural gas and technical gas compressor systems.

In 2021, the hydrogen energy industry continues to rise, the central and local layouts have been implemented one after another, and the giant companies have also accelerated the pace of enclosing the race, and the era of hydrogen energy is approaching.

From June 8th to 10th, the 6th 2021 International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference was held. Shanghai and the six cities of Suzhou, Nantong, Jiaxing, Zibo, and Ningdong of Erdos jointly launched a fuel cell vehicle city cluster cooperation project, focusing on the demonstration of finished steel products transportation, vehicle logistics, port and airport, coal transportation, logistics park operation demonstration, and passenger vehicles Demonstration, development and demonstration of new technologies for public transportation, airport, and construction waste transportation.

On June 10th, Shandong Province Hydrogen Energy Industry Development International Cooperation (Beijing) Promotion Conference was held, which attracted 43 multinational companies from 10 countries (regions) in the world, including 18 Fortune 500 companies and 12 cities in Shandong Province Of more than 20 hydrogen-related enterprises in Shandong have further promoted international cooperation in the development of Shandong’s hydrogen industry.

Great luck is coming soon. At the “2021 China Automotive Forum” held from June 17 to 19, Wan Gang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, stated that hydrogen energy should be included in the national energy strategy system, and a national hydrogen energy industry development plan should be formulated. The standards, regulations and policies of China should also be improved.

Using policies, the hydrogen energy market has developed rapidly, attracting more and more giant companies to join the market. The Norman Esso Group (NEA) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of piston and diaphragm compressors, and one of them. Since January this year, the Norman Esso Group has participated in the INFINIUM investment. It is understood that INFINIUM is an enterprise that converts renewable energy power generation into green hydrogen and uses it with carbon dioxide to produce zero-carbon fuel. Its liquid hydrocarbon fuel can replace ordinary diesel or jet fuel, helping transportation companies achieve carbon emission reduction targets faster, and accelerate fuel de-petrification.

On June 21, Normaniso Group continued to expand its business and accelerated its transformation into a sustainable energy system solution provider. Therefore, the company was established and gradually expanded the "Energy Solutions" business unit. In the hydrogen industry chain, the group closely integrates compressor technology expertise with electrolyzers and other extended products, as well as hydrogen and green gas production planning, project coordination and market-oriented services.

"To promote the decarbonization of various industries, we have expanded our product portfolio to include important links in the hydrogen industry chain." The current economy requires optimized solutions. We can provide a full range of solutions from hydrogen production to transportation, storage and application," said Stefanie Peters, a partner of the Normanniso Group and a member of the National Hydrogen Energy Committee of the German Federal Government.

According to reports, after several generations of efforts, the Norman Esso Group has developed into a technological leader in process gas, natural gas and industrial gas compressor systems. Through strategic investments and acquisitions in the field of alternative energy, Normanso Group has opened up the layout of the new energy solutions sector. Experts in new fields have joined the "278 family" of fuel cell drive (AEDs-AE driven solutions gmbH), biogas and biomethane energy (Arcanum energy systems gmbH & Co kg), electrolysis system (hydrotron energy & gas) and environmentally friendly Synthetic fuel, that is, electric synthetic fuel (INFINIUM). The newly established NEA Green gmbH & Co kg utilizes the group's core expertise in the field of green gas, from initial concepts and suggestions, to feasibility studies and project development, for the implementation and market support of the hydrogen energy system.

In an interview with reporters, many industry insiders said that giant companies have entered the field of hydrogen energy, and the industry is facing a comprehensive technological change and market reshuffle. In the future, leading companies with core technologies and other advantages will usher in a golden period of development.

But challenges are everywhere. The research report of "One of the series of reports on hydrogen energy in energy and chemical industry: "Hydrogen" can be listed, and the track can be expected" released by CITIC Securities pointed out that the entire hydrogen energy industry chain still needs to be improved, and there are still some problems in the upstream hydrogen production. Midstream storage and transportation and downstream application. In terms of hydrogen production, the cost of hydrogen production is still high, pollution-free large-scale hydrogen production is still impossible to achieve, the degree of commercialization of fuel cells is not high, the construction cost of hydrogen refueling stations is still high, the market scale is small, and the profit margin is relatively small. Smaller.

Fortunately, Normanso Group is able to solve various problems in hydrogen production and use, that is, hydrogen refueling station systems, storage, transportation, and a complete set of solutions for refining green gas into sustainable and environmentally friendly fuels. Provide customers with one-stop service, from the initial conception stage to the full cycle service of the equipment.