Solar panel service life

With the global economic development, people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection. Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert solar radiation energy into electrical energy through photochemical effects. Compared with ordinary batteries and rechargeable batteries, they are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The green devices are widely used in various fields. Generally, the service life of solar panels can reach 25 years. Then, what are the factors that affect the service life of solar panels? Let's take everyone to understand it together.
solar panel

   1. Processing quality problems

  Processing panels are generally professionally processed by manufacturers, if wrong processing methods or unprofessional processing are used during processing. It will damage the solar panel, thus reducing the service life of the solar panel.

  2, device fault

  Before the installation, the construction personnel removed the protective film on the surface of the daylighting board in advance, causing things to scratch the surface of the daylighting board during the construction process. Or the installation method is wrong. For example, when using the screw device on the board, without drilling the board in advance, drilling directly on the board will cause the board to break, which will also affect the service life.
  3, storage error
  After purchasing solar panels, many customers will stack them at will, regardless of the storage environment. If the solar panel is placed in a wet and corroded place, the life of the solar panel is easily damaged.

  4, the solar panel is damaged

   The internal battery desoldering of solar panel module is a common influence factor. Due to the unreasonable distance planning of the solar cells or poor welding quality, the temperature difference of the components during the day causes thermal expansion and contraction between the welding ribbon and the battery, resulting in desoldering and necrosis of the welding place between the welding ribbon and the battery.

   5. Operating environment

With the change of time and the use of solar panels, there will be a lot of dust on solar panels, which will cause the conversion power of electrical energy to be relatively reduced, so it will appear that solar panels affect solar cells in different environments. The lifespan of the panel; in addition, the shade is also one of the influencing factors. If a small part of the solar panel is blocked, sometimes it will cause the solar energy on all other panels to stop working. The solar cells on the solar panel are connected in series, and the normal operation is maintained at the current level of the weaker battery. If some of the cells on the solar panel are blocked, it will affect the normal output of other cells.

   6. The output power of photovoltaic modules

The output power of the photovoltaic module will decrease the life of the solar panel, mainly due to the large fluctuations in the output power during the first few days of use, and the stable use of the light and the injection of current into the silicon wafer in the later period will also cause a decrease in the life. .
  7. Wafer quality and PN contact degree
  The poor quality of the encapsulating materials of the solar panels used in the early stage led to the unqualified quality of the silicon wafers. The unqualified quality of the silicon wafers will directly affect the service life of the solar panels. At the same time, the degree of PN connection and the purity of the silicon wafer determine the intensity of the energy generated by the solar panel under the same illumination. With the passage of time, the degree of PN connection will break, which leads to a continuous decrease in luminous power and a decline in luminous power. What it loses is its service life.

   8. Hot spot effect

During the use of solar street lamp panels, under the sunlight, some parts of the solar panels are blocked and there is no way to obtain solar energy, which causes the temperature of this part to be too high and burn out to show dark spots. The more deadly hot spot is to directly damage the entire solar cell module, so the solar cell panel must be protected and cleaned frequently.

   The above are the factors that affect the service life of solar panels. If you want to extend the life of solar panels, you need good maintenance and protection. Linktech concentrates on the development of high-quality solar panels. The product quality is checked layer by layer. There are multiple 100% inspection procedures. If you have any needs, please contact us for online consultation and purchase.