Tesla solar cell

As an innovator in the field of new energy, Tesla made another attempt at solar energy.

On June 23rd, Tesla and Tesla's integrated supercharger station for light storage and charging were next to the classic and unique Tibetan-style Songzan Lhasa Mountain Residence. The theme is "Sunny City, Pure Travel" Songzan Lhasa Beside the mountain.

The Tesla Lhasa light storage and charging integrated super charging station with V3 super charging piles and destination charging piles provides cleaner and lasting energy supplements for car owners and car friends in Tibet.

That was also the first solar battery charging station built by Tesla in China.

Through energy storage and optimized configuration, the Lhasa optical storage and charging integrated super charging station has achieved a basic balance between local energy production and energy consumption: converting sunlight into electricity, using Powerwall energy storage devices to store energy, charging vehicles, and improving energy efficiency .

By balancing load and optical storage, energy self-sufficiency is achieved.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has long proposed that in the future, solar energy will be the main source of clean energy for mankind: "In the sky, there are nuclear fusion reactors everywhere, even if you do nothing, it will always be It's on, it's on every day, and it's also releasing incredible energy.

Tesla has been trying to use solar energy.

On the basis of the optical storage super charging station, Tesla also introduced products such as Powerwall and photovoltaic roof to establish a circular clean energy ecological chain of solar "utilization, storage, and reuse".

At the same time, on a global scale, Tesla has built gigawatt-hour energy storage facilities and thousands of charging devices from users to the grid, so that clean energy can penetrate into the lives of more users.