lithium battery customization

What are the requirements for lithium battery customization? Lithium battery customization skills. The application of lithium batteries in various industries has made products in various industries have different needs for lithium batteries. Therefore, customization of lithium batteries is born for some features that are not satisfied with basic lithium batteries. Only customized lithium batteries can meet the actual equipment. The energy supply situation.

What are the requirements for customization of lithium batteries?

Lithium battery customization specifications are a way to explain lithium batteries. The lithium battery customized specifications understood by the end consumer of lithium batteries are different from the lithium battery specifications understood by the lithium battery manufacturers in thickness, internal and external.

First of all, the customization of lithium batteries needs to provide specific power consumption parameters, including voltage working range, working current size, working environment temperature range, working time requirements, charging method, etc. And the required battery size and style.

Then, the technical staff of the lithium battery manufacturer customized the design according to the requirements. Finally, the lithium battery manufacturer should propose a design plan according to the requirements, explaining the overall size and shape, interface method, raw materials used, main technical specifications and parameters, and the required cost.

The size of the lithium battery can be customized, the size is flexible, and the randomness is large. Within the specified specifications of the battery, the maximum or minimum requirements of customers can be met. The customization of lithium batteries is different. The mass-produced lithium battery enterprise products are specially developed and conceived for different enterprise products. Therefore, corresponding fees must be paid during the entire lithium battery customization process.

The advantages of customized lithium battery manufacturers are becoming more and more prominent. The most important thing is flexibility and efficiency. If customized lithium battery manufacturers want to have an advantage in lithium battery customization, they must first be flexible. Battery design engineers must be flexible and not limited to one. This kind of lithium battery products, according to the needs of the battery engineers of other lithium battery custom manufacturers to make the battery products that customers need more, but the efficiency must be high, otherwise you will lose a good battery customer if you don't pay attention, so efficiency and flexibility are very important.

Lithium battery customization process

The entire process of customizing lithium batteries is generally completed within 15 working days. The process is: customer demand introduction> feasibility study and project approval> overall product design and review> design verification and review> process verification and introduction trial production> product certification testing> project closing.

Lithium battery customization skills

The customization of lithium batteries mainly depends on the needs of customers and the designers of the products. Generally, manufacturers of customized lithium batteries will strictly follow the requirements of each customer's technical parameters to produce.

1. Lithium battery customization function

That is, what is the electrical function of the lithium battery equipment used, and what is the voltage and capacity of the lithium battery. All these need to be understood. If you are not sure about the function of the device, you can tell the lithium battery manufacturer. Function as the most basic requirement of a lithium battery will directly affect the situation during use.

2. Customized size of lithium battery

For lithium battery customization, you must pay attention to the size of the battery compartment of the device. If you don't know, you can use a tape measure to measure the length, width, and height of the battery compartment. The size of the lithium battery must be in accordance with the battery compartment of the device, so that it can be put in without much open space with the surrounding area.

3. Customized shape of lithium battery

Because the battery compartments of many devices are irregular, the corresponding lithium battery is not fit or loose, so the customized shape is also achievable by the lithium battery.

4. Charging method

When customizing lithium batteries, it is best to let the manufacturer equip a set of corresponding chargers. Because the voltage and current of different chargers are very different, if the charger voltage is too low, it may not be able to charge. If it is too high, the battery temperature will be too high and there will be a greater safety hazard.

5. Lithium battery custom manufacturer level

Manufacturers of custom-made lithium batteries should also carefully study the actual level of battery manufacturers. It is best to look for manufacturers that can customize and control all aspects of the entire battery. The three major components of battery cell, BMS, and battery structure are almost involved. From these perspectives, all aspects of the battery are better. At the same time, we must choose a battery manufacturer with high-quality after-sales service.

Summary: The customized lithium battery has superior performance, higher capacity, longer use time, and more reasonable price, so it has won the recognition and love of many consumers. Therefore, customized lithium batteries can do everything possible to meet all needs within the scope of users' needs, and truly realize products that are more cost-effective for their needs.