Which kind of portable UPS energy storage power supply is better

Which kind of portable UPS energy storage power supply is better? The appearance of the portable UPS energy storage power supply is like a trolley box, which can be carried and moved with the vehicle at any time. It is convenient and compact, and is widely used outdoors as an emergency power supply. Portable energy storage has been listed as a key product of the national strategic emerging industries. So, with so many portable UPSs on the market, which type of UPS power supply is better? Don't worry, I will give you the answer.

   Why choose portable UPS energy storage power supply?

The portable UPS power supply of the battery company is specially designed for outdoor emergency. The product is light in weight, high in capacity, and high in power. It has unique 48VDC & 220VAC voltage output, and each voltage is high current output. This is beyond the reach of similar products, AC100V~ 240V output, the maximum output power can reach 6000W, the product uses high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery pack as energy storage backup, small size, light weight, easy to carry, and provides reliable power supply for various emergency scenarios.

   Battery Company’s portable lithium battery UPS product features:

  ▇ trolley case design, light and portable, easy to transport, and convenient to quickly move from one site to another;

  ▇Imported high-strength engineering plastics, anti-falling, anti-seismic, fire-proof and rain-proof;

  ▇Large capacity lithium battery pack, small size, light weight, high power;

  ▇ Ultra-high power pure sine wave output;

  ▇Unique overvoltage, overload, short circuit protection design, overload/overcurrent/overcharge/overdischarge protection;

  ▇ unique protective wall design;

  ▇ AC 220V/110V pure sine wave output.

  Application range of portable energy storage UPS power supply products:

  ▇Outdoor office ▇Field photography ▇Outdoor construction ▇Backup power supply ▇Emergency power supply

  ▇Fire rescue ▇Danger and disaster relief ▇Car start ▇Digital charging ▇Mobile power

  Portable UPS power input and output characteristics:

  Input characteristics:

   1. The wide input voltage range can reduce the chance of battery discharge and extend the life of the battery pack.

   2. If the input power factor is low, the input reactive power is large, and the harmonic current will pollute the power grid and affect other equipment.

   3. Allowable range of main power frequency.

   4. Input current harmonic components.

  Output characteristics:

   1. Static stability. Large is 1%, small and medium is 2%.

   2. Output transient characteristics. Large 5%, small and medium 8%.

   3. Output overload capacity.

   4. Output power factor, output voltage harmonic distortion, usually within 3%.

  What is the use of portable UPS energy storage power supply?

  Portable UPS power supply is also UPS uninterruptible power supply. Simply put, it is a device that can continue to provide uninterrupted power to electrical equipment when the city power fails to ensure that the equipment can work normally. It can be used in rescue, emergency power supply, backup power supply, etc.

  Many large cities also often face the trouble of peak power outages, and people urgently need measures to deal with such temporary power outages, and portable UPS energy storage power supplies have become the best choice for people when there is no power or power outages.

  In some remote areas and war-torn countries, they often face power outages and power consumption problems. Portable UPS storage power has become one of their choices to solve these problems.

   Development prospects of portable UPS energy storage power supplies:

   Portable UPS energy storage is of great significance to the utilization of new energy. As the cost of energy storage decreases year by year and energy storage technology continues to improve, lithium battery energy storage is gaining more and more attention worldwide. Nowadays, portable energy storage UPS power supplies are leading the world towards a new pattern of energy utilization with an unstoppable trend.

   The development trend of portable UPS energy storage power supply is irresistible. The concept of the portable UPS energy storage power supply may not be particularly well-known, but simply to understand: we can imagine the portable energy storage power supply as a commercial power that can be carried at any time. Whether it is outdoors or where there is a power outage, it can solve the emergency power supply problem. Of course, its function also has a DC output, and it is of course no problem to load some DC equipment.

   Therefore, choosing a portable UPS energy storage power supply, the battery company's is a good choice. As a power supplier that uses lithium batteries as energy storage, we are committed to providing customers with the most perfect solutions.