Which UPS power supply is better

Which UPS power supply manufacturer is better? What are the ups power supply brands? Batteries.ltd provides you with a list of UPS power supply manufacturers. The UPS power supply is a system device that connects the battery with the host and converts DC power into mains power through the host inverter and other module circuits. At present, there are many manufacturers of UPS power supply, and there are also many brands of UPS power supply. So, which UPS power supply manufacturer has the more reliable quality? This time, the editor of Batteries.ltd has collected six UPS power supply brands. I hope you can make a reasonable choice.

  UPS power supply manufacturers ranking/power supply ranking/ups power supply brands:

   1. UPS power supply manufacturers ranked No. 1: Shante UPS power supply

  Santa Electronics Co., Ltd. is an international manufacturer specializing in the development, production and operation of UPS power supplies. Seven branches have been established in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Chengdu, Wuhan, and Xi’an in China. The production base is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The product range ranges from backup 500VA to online 640kVA high-power parallel series, which can meet the needs of users in different industries. demand. At present, Shante has mastered the core technology of mass production of high-power density and high-power UPS. Santak is also the first manufacturer to introduce IGBT power components and high-frequency PWM technology into the UPS industry. The application of these technologies has fundamentally improved the performance and stability of UPS.

  Back UPS power supply product features:

  Back-up UPS power supply can provide power management solutions for various communication connection methods. It adopts advanced CPU integrated control technology, and has an ultra-wide voltage input range and unique vertical, horizontal, and rack-mounted installation methods; it is also specially equipped with a regulated output power socket, a surge protection socket and a smart card. It is an ideal protection power supply for servers, network equipment and industrial control products in small and medium-sized enterprises, government and education industries.

   In order to meet the needs of different users for UPS backup time, the MT series is divided into three models: standard, delayed and long-acting.

  Standard UPS can meet the demand of ordinary users for uninterrupted power supply.

   Delayed UPS is equipped with Shante original battery box, which can provide longer backup time and is suitable for use in areas with harsh power environment.

  The long-term UPS can be connected to an external battery box, which is especially suitable for areas with insufficient power supply for a long time.

   2. UPS power supply manufacturers ranked No. 2: Energy storage electric lithium battery UPS power supply

  Cunneng Electric is a UPS power supply manufacturer dedicated to the R&D and application of lithium battery UPS. The company has been engaged in the UPS power supply industry for many years and has accumulated rich professional experience. It is well versed in the matching application of lithium batteries in the UPS industry and the status and characteristics of the lithium battery UPS industry. It has insight into the development trend of the industry and insists on safe, efficient, energy-saving, and green design. The R&D concept provides safe, stable and efficient lithium battery products and solutions for users in various industries.

   Lithium battery UPS product features: (take rack UPS as an example)

   Lithium motor rack UPS power supply is a new product with small size, super capacity and high efficiency independently researched and developed by Energy Electric Technology in response to the growing communication network requirements. The product uses a more efficient lithium iron phosphate battery as a power supply guarantee; the appearance design adopts the most widely used 19-inch standard rack-mounted chassis, which meets the requirements of users for integrated installation; the rack-mounted UPS power supply adopts advanced Digital control technology integrates multiple functions such as AC and DC dual output, DC current limiting, peak surge absorption, comprehensive automatic protection, unattended operation, and intelligent remote monitoring.

Rack-mounted lithium battery UPS power supplies are widely used in communications, electric power, public security, fire protection, radio and television, finance, military, Internet and other industries. The matching and integrated equipment are: communication base stations, integrated power distribution cabinets, data centers, and modularization. Integrated products, etc.

   3. UPS power supply manufacturers ranked No. 3: Emerson UPS power supply

   Emerson UPS Power Supply Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Emerson Electric, located in Banxuegang Industrial Zone, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Fortune 500 companies and large multinational corporations. IMERSON Network Energy Co., Ltd. is committed to the perfect combination of technology and application engineering technology to provide customers with the most competitive end-to-end integrated solutions, and is committed to creating competitive advantages for customers. Emerson's network energy products involve communication power supplies, printed board power supplies, customized power supplies, UPS, precision air conditioners for computer rooms, outdoor cabinet-type computer rooms, automatic transfer switches, power network protection products, batteries, precision power distribution cabinets, power equipment and the environment Monitoring system, AC frequency conversion speed regulator and other fields.

   Emerson UPS power supply product features:

  High performance: Input/output/parallel circulation/intelligent control and other indicators have reached the industry's better level;

  High configuration flexibility: support the configuration of all-round solutions from single machine/series backup, to parallel redundancy (up to 6 sets)/double bus;

  High applicability: wide voltage range, standard lightning protection, high battery charging power, space saving, full frontal maintenance;

   Leading technology-dual DSP full digital control, the latest IGBT power conversion technology, double conversion online;

  Intelligent: Support multiple monitoring modes, with "black box" function, fault location;

   Friendly interface: Large LCD 12 languages ​​are available, operating data/system status/historical conditions are clear at a glance.

   4. UPS power supply manufacturers ranked No. 4: APCUPS power supply

  APC was founded in the United States in 1981, the world's leading brand in the industry, one of the world's largest UPS suppliers, one of the top ten UPS uninterruptible power supply manufacturers, APC has become the industry standard for reliable power and physical IT infrastructure. Now, as the leader of the IT department, no matter how big or small, our history of innovation has pushed our products to protect the infrastructure, management and data security solutions of organizations around the world.

  UPS product features:

  Automatic internal bypass, providing utility power to the connected load in the event of an overload or failure of the UPS power supply.

   Scalable running time, allowing to quickly add more running time when needed.

  Intelligent battery management obtains the best battery performance, life and reliability through intelligent and accurate charging technology.

  Network management, realize remote power management of UPS through the network.

   5. UPS power supply manufacturers ranked No. 5: Easyite UPS power supply

   Easysite UPS, China's largest R&D and manufacturer of UPS power supplies. Founded in 1989, it is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program, a global power quality solution provider and a green energy manufacturer. It has long been committed to UPS power supply, EPS power supply, communication power supply, data center integration system, photovoltaic inverter, distribution R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of high-tech products such as integrated photovoltaic power generation electrical equipment and systems, smart micro-grids, etc.

  UPS product features:

Intelligent chemical frequency UPS is a new power product that integrates the advantages of the previous generation product and adopts digital control technology. The system adopts a series of sophisticated and mature designs such as online double conversion principle and DSP digital control technology, which can provide continuous, stable and pure power to the load. Sine wave power supply; meets the high reliability requirements of various industries for uninterruptible power supplies, a new generation of industrial frequency uninterruptible power supplies that integrate reliability, safety, and maintainability. Single input single output, three input single output, support 380/400/415, 50/60Hz power grid system; wide input voltage range and wide input frequency range to facilitate the access of fuel generators or other power generation equipment.

  6. ​​UPS power supply manufacturers ranked No. 6: Kstar UPS power supply

  Kstar is a company that specializes in power electronics and new energy fields, specializing in UPS uninterruptible power supplies, EPS emergency power supplies, stabilized power supplies, batteries and other power products. Kstar UPS power supply can provide users with a stable power environment and reliable power protection for data centers and key loads, high efficiency, strong load capacity, and safe and reliable power protection for users.

  Core selling points of UPS power products:

Highly modular design, all units adopt modular design, including power module, bypass module, monitoring module, power distribution module (single cabinet only), power module is 3U, bypass module is 3U, monitoring module is 1U, power distribution Module 11U, suitable for 19-inch standard cabinet.

  High reliability, ultra-wide input voltage range, multi-channel digital bus redundant parallel control technology is adopted between the cabinets, and the system operation is not affected at all when a single channel fails. Plugging and unplugging any module alone does not affect the normal operation of a single cabinet or parallel cabinets.

Energy saving and environmental protection, high input PF value, up to 0.999 (50%~100% load rate), THDI<2% (100% non-linear load), THDI<4% (50% non-linear load), sleep mode can be set , When the load rate is low, some modules automatically exit the power supply, and the dormant modules periodically cycle to ensure balanced work of each module and extend the working life of the whole machine.

   Parallel redundancy function, 6 units can be connected in parallel, with LBS function, support shared battery pack, single parallel machine bypass tracking rate adjustable in the background.

   The above is the latest ranking of UPS power supply manufacturers. Each UPS manufacturer has different product characteristics. You cannot judge which UPS brand is good and which UPS brand is not based on the ranking. Only the UPS brand that suits you is the best.

For more products or knowledge related to power rankings and UPS power brands, we will compare them in detail in the next issue.