North Korea solar cells

People who travel to North Korea will find that solar panels can be seen in almost every household in North Korea. The street lights in North Korean cities are all solar, especially on the balcony of residential buildings.

It can be said that solar panels have great market potential in North Korea, because there are countless families who are accustomed to using solar energy. You can see solar panels on almost every balcony when you walk on the streets and alleys in Pyongyang or Kaesong, North Korea. According to locals, observing the size of the solar panels from the balcony can tell whether the family's economic situation is a wealthy family.

Generally speaking, the solar panels used by ordinary households are only suitable for lighting and charging, and other household appliances cannot be used. The solar panels used by wealthy households can also drive electric appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators.

During my travel in North Korea, according to what I have seen and heard, the penetration rate of solar energy in cities such as Kaesong and Wonsan is estimated to have reached 50%, which is higher than the penetration rate of mobile phones in North Korea. The people in North Korea have higher standards for electricity requirements. The installation of solar panels before, as long as they can drive an electric rice cooker, is enough. Now, many families hope to drive washing machines, refrigerators and other equipment, and North Korea also encourages people to use solar energy.

Solar panels are very popular in North Korea. But it did not increase the price because of strong demand, on the contrary, the selling price of solar panels has been declining. This shows from the side that the supply of solar panels in North Korea is sufficient.

According to friends who do business in Luoxian, in North Korea, the price of a 100-watt Taineng board is about 200 yuan. The Taineng version with more than 200 watts often sells for more than 1,000 yuan, and other accessories need to be purchased separately.

Nowadays, people with good family conditions are pursuing large-capacity solar panels. They need to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a set of solar panels, which is difficult for ordinary people to afford. Most households install small-capacity solar panels. The price is only a few hundred yuan.