Folding bicycle battery

Folding bicycle battery
Folding bicycle battery
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Cell model: 18650/10S4P
Battery protection function: with charge and discharge protection
Battery specification: 18650/10S4P/36V/10Ah
Discharge cut-off voltage: 32V
Nominal voltage: 36V
Finished internal resistance: S200MQ
Nominal capacity: 10Ah
Battery weight: 4.5kg
Voltage range: 9-12.6V
Product size: 390* 110*75mm(Max)
Charging current: 3Ah
Charging temperature: 0~ 45°C
Scope of use: Folding electric car on behalf of driving
Discharge temperature: -20~ 60 °C

Support customization:
Size, model and capacity are available for selection, customized according to customer needs
stable quality:
Using raw material technology, sufficient capacity, low internal resistance and stable voltage
No memory effect:
Stable performance, cyclic use, can be used for charging and discharging
Perfect protection measures:
Built-in protection board, overcharge and overdischarge protection, overcurrent, short circuit protection, PIC temperature can increase support
Wide operating temperature range:
The limit meets the 85 degree high temperature environment for 8 hours, the charging temperature range: 0°C~45°C, the discharge temperature range: -20°C~85°C
Wide range of applications:
Used in smart home, medical equipment, security equipment, industrial control equipment, digital electronic products, etc.

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