forklift battery charger

forklift battery charger
forklift battery charger
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Product name: Forklift Charger
Voltage: 24V
Current: 30A
Supporting battery model: 24V/180AH-210AH
Model: 24V30A
Shell material: aluminum shell
Provide product model, material, shape and other customized services.

Features of forklift charger:
1. Intelligent protection: overload protection, overheat protection, temperature control protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, overcurrent protection.
2. Intelligent temperature control:
Intelligent temperature control can reduce power consumption. The ambient temperature of the product is -20°C-40°C. The charger itself will perform temperature detection, control the fan speed, and control the temperature within an appropriate range, effectively improving the conversion performance and reducing power consumption.
3. Smart cooling fan:
Quiet charging has good heat dissipation, and the ultra-quiet charging stick is ventilated, safe and silent.
4. Strict selection of materials:
Made of high-quality materials and precision accessories, it has a long service life.
5. Quality control:
Use excellent testing and manufacturing equipment to strictly inspect the products to ensure product quality.
6. Exquisite craftsmanship:
The product has meticulous craftsmanship, stable performance, and can be used at ease.
7. Fast delivery from spot:
Our company has an inventory workshop, and we will deliver the goods as soon as possible after you place the order to ensure delivery speed.

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