forklift battery service

forklift battery service
forklift battery service
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Product name: Forklift battery
Custom processing: Yes
Rated capacity: 640AH
Voltage: 80V
Model: 8pzs640 battery pack
Specifications: each 2V, a set of 24V is 12, a set of 48V is 24, and so on
Discharge working temperature: -20 to 55°C

Forklift battery characteristics:
1. The excellent charging performance of the battery enables you to install and use the car, eliminating the trouble of initial charging.
2. Sufficient battery capacity ensures the battery's good high-rate, high-current start-up discharge performance.
3. The advanced alloy formula adopts high-purity multi-element lead-based alloys, so that the grid has good corrosion resistance, small gas evolution, low water loss, low self-discharge, and long battery life.
4. The imported separators are imported PE separators with low resistance, strong corrosion resistance, small aperture and high porosity.
5. The appearance design is advanced and novel battery overall structure design to ensure that the battery is beautiful and easy to install and unload.

Applicable products: all kinds of forklifts, electric stackers, electric stackers, electric rail flat cars, electric pallets, traction locomotives and electric flat cars and other DC power supply fields, with large capacity and long life, etc.

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