Custom graphite bipolar plates for hydrogen fuel cells

Custom graphite bipolar plates for hydrogen fuel cells
Hydrogen fuel cell bipolar plate
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A fuel cell (English: Fuel cell) is a power generation device that converts the chemical energy in the fuel into electrical energy by performing redox reactions through oxygen or other oxidants. The most common fuel is hydrogen. Other fuel sources come from any hydrocarbon that can decompose hydrogen, such as natural gas, alcohol, and methane. Fuel cells are different from primary batteries. They have the advantage of stably supplying oxygen and fuel sources, that is, they can continuously provide stable electricity until the fuel is exhausted. They are not like normal non-rechargeable batteries and are not discarded when they are used up, and they are not like recharging. Like batteries, they must continue to be charged when they are used up. Therefore, after being connected in series through a stack, they even become a megawatt (MW)-level power plant.

Customized advantages of graphite bipolar plates for hydrogen fuel cells:
1. Strong processing strength and mass production capacity
We have been engaged in the customization of graphite products for more than ten years. We are a professional graphite supplier integrating R&D, sales, production and integration. We have dozens of sets of fully automated production equipment and high-precision testing equipment. We can provide professional various industries according to customer needs. Application solutions and various types and specifications of raw materials.
2. Upgrade of processing technology, innovation in the graphite bipolar plate industry
In recent years, the company has focused on the research and development of hydrogen fuel cell bipolar plates, and has made major breakthroughs in production costs and processing techniques. Professional automated production lines and high-precision diversified testing equipment have also been added to the production equipment to provide the industry with high precision, Graphite bipolar plate with high cost performance.
3. The product has high accuracy and guaranteed quality
All kinds of graphite products, exquisite processing technology, extremely high processing accuracy, high product qualification rate, ideal customer satisfaction, professional testing equipment, quality control, adhere to the mandatory inspection of each product leaving the factory to ensure product quality assurance.
4. Fast delivery and good after-sales service
In-depth cooperation with Chinese raw material suppliers, our company is also a Japanese graphite company, which can save the time and cost of purchasing raw materials around the world. The professional technical team can provide a full set of graphite product solutions according to customer needs. The processing speed is fast, and the delivery can be made according to the customer's order.

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