Lithium battery testing equipment

Lithium battery testing equipment
Lithium battery testing equipment
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Product model: AX8200B
Product application object: manual testing of various types and sizes of lithium batteries.
Automation: Offline manual/semi-automatic detection.
Product description: X-ray inspection machine is mainly used in the battery industry. It adopts the principle of X-ray transmission and penetrates the inside of the battery. It can check the alignment of various types of batteries, tab avoidance, and internal connection of electrodes (offline equipment)

Features of lithium battery testing equipment::

1.Micro focus, the image is clearer;
2. Plane inspection table, no fixture constraints when changing products;
3. Motorized in the Z-axis direction, the magnification can be adjusted;
4. Simple target setting, automatic detection;
5. Humanized software interface, easy to operate;
6. Fully automated operations, reducing manpower, reducing production costs, and improving production efficiency and quality consistency;
7. The software automatically determines to improve product consistency and quality assurance;
8. Comes with SPC software analysis to facilitate process control and quality data analysis;
9. The design fully considers safety factors to ensure personal safety protection;
10. The appearance is beautiful and generous, which enhances the corporate image of customers.

Lithium battery testing equipment parameters:
Size: 1080(L) X1180(W) X1730(H)mm
Weight: 850Kg
System resolution: soil 60μm
Power: 0.5kW
Applicable product type: lithium battery, semiconductor general
Utilization rate: three>98%
Applicable product size: detection area 390mm X 440mm
Inspection item: internal defect inspection

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