marine flexible solar panels

marine flexible solar panels
marine flexible solar panels
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Product name: Flexible solar panels for ships
Packaging material: eva
Power: 485
Component size: 2187x1102x35mm
Cell type: single crystal
Warranty: 12 years
Whether to customize: can be customized
Current: 12.7
Voltage: 51.1
Model: de18

Advantages of flexible solar panels for ships:
1. It can be bent and sealed with tempered glass, suitable for various curved surfaces;
2. Small size, light weight, easy to carry;
3. Low illumination requirement and high heat resistance.
4. The product is extremely sturdy, not easy to damage, and is easy to carry, and has strong performance and reliability. It can continue to work even if it is dropped or bent.
5. The service life can reach more than 26 years, and the attenuation is less than 20%.
6. Anodized aluminum frame: high mechanical strength, good wind resistance and hail resistance, can be used in a variety of complex and harsh weather conditions, easy to install.

Product customization services can be provided according to user needs.

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