The motorcycle starts with a lithium-ion battery

The motorcycle starts with a lithium-ion battery
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Creative solar mobile power, directly used as a mobile phone shell to use solar energy to charge mobile devices such as mobile phones

The use of high-quality large-capacity lithium-ion batteries is more durable than ordinary batteries, resistant to high temperatures, and has a longer cycle life. The shell is made of ABS+PC flame-retardant fire-retardant material, which has good toughness, temperature resistance and drop resistance.

Application fields: Portable AC and DC emergency power supplies are widely used in medical rescue, emergency communications, environmental monitoring, fire rescue, outdoor office, home power outage emergency and non-powered mountainous areas; telecommunication network installation and maintenance optimization, geographic surveying and mapping task force, miner petroleum exploration team , Architectural design and survey, water conservancy and water affairs inspection, outdoor shooting of advertising media, etc.

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