Power system battery

Power system battery
Power system battery
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Single battery voltage: 3.6V
Nominal voltage after battery pack combination: 21.6V
Single battery capacity: 2.6Ah
Battery combination mode: 6 strings 2 parallel
Battery voltage range after combination: 15V~25.2V
Combined battery capacity: 5.2ah
Battery pack power: 112.32Wh
Battery pack size: 38*67*112mm
Maximum discharge current: 5.2A
Instantaneous discharge current: 10A-15A
Maximum charging current: 0.2-0.5c
Charge and discharge times:> 500 times.
Main chip: (Seiko, TI)
Temperature performance: charging temperature range: 0°C- -45°C

Product Features:
Chip protection board: The consistency of lithium batteries in the same batch is very good, and the internal resistance/voltage/capacity/self-discharge is similar. Suitable for digital and high-end power products

Support processing customization: support adding boards, outlets, brand LOGO, battery pack processing

Scope of application: used in 3C digital electronic products, smart products, power tool products, etc.

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