Solar Garden Light Lithium Battery

Solar Garden Light Lithium Battery
Solar Garden Light Lithium Battery
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1. Built-in controller, protection board, battery temperature difference compensation device; safe and reliable, not afraid of low temperature;
2. High-efficiency and high-brightness, no worries about brightness: 24 square empty interior lighting only needs 3-5W;
3. Light weight, hanging installation, only one screw is needed, no need to bury, saving time and effort:
4. Visual status, easy to set up: easy to adjust the power before and after acceptance:
5. Full rubber protection, two-year warranty, and a life span of up to 58 years: longer than the traditional solution.

Super bright LED lamp beads: use professional super bright LED chip, equipped with professional lens, professional light distribution, low power, high brightness.
High-quality aluminum: Use high-quality aluminum, good heat dissipation all year round, excellent waterproof effect, customer preference.

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