solar panel 600w

solar panel 600w
solar panel 600w
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Product name: 600W solar panel
Custom processing: Yes
Maximum power: 500W
Working current: 10.35A
Working voltage: 44.95V
System voltage: 1500V
Open circuit voltage: 45.98V
Short circuit current: 10.69A
Number of batteries: 120
Dimensions: 2235/1133/35mm
Product Certification: CQC
Type: Laminated solar panels/modules
Model: Double glass double-sided

Product advantages:
1. Strong light transmission tempered glass
High light transmittance coating, ultra-white background tempered, light transmittance up to 93%, can effectively resist hail, rain and snow; can withstand the impact of wind and rain of 5400PA.
2. Positive A-level strong cell
Each cell has a completed IV curve, and the conversion rate is as high as 19% or more.
3. Anodized aluminum alloy frame
Through the smoke and nitriding test, to ensure the use performance of up to 25 years.
4. High quality silicon wafer
High-quality silicon wafers can effectively ensure that each solar panel has good electrical performance.
5.PPF anti-aging products
The back adopts anti-aging and high-quality back plate, which has good waterproof and sealing performance.
6. Simple and convenient installation
Humanized design of the mounting hole, easy and convenient to install.
7. Single crystal and poly crystal can be selected
The conversion rate of single crystal is higher than that of polycrystal, and the low light performance of polycrystal is better than single crystal.

600 solar panel application scenarios:
Desert power generation, mountain power generation, plant power generation, household power generation, animal husbandry, agricultural photovoltaic, aquaculture, solar water pumps, photovoltaic shelters, parking spaces, photovoltaic electric vehicles, disaster relief, outdoor camping, solar monitoring, photovoltaic emergency lights.

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