solar panel 60w

solar panel 60w
solar panel 60w
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Product name: 60W solar panel
Product Number: GFB01-60W
Material: aluminum alloy
Category: Accessories
Uses: camping, fishing, etc.
Waterproof: Waterproof
Power supply mode: solar

Our advantage:
1. Cell
The quality cells we use have a high conversion rate and are fully automated machine welding
2. Aluminum frame
Use anodized aluminum frame, corrosion resistance, easy to install
3. Junction box
Waterproof and oxidation-resistant left-negative and right-positive junction box, sealed junction box with 900mm cable, no diode inside
4. Sealant
Waterproof, sealed and oxidation resistant, which can increase the useful life of the battery board
5.PPF anti-aging backplane
The back adopts a waterproof and aging-resistant back panel, which is waterproof and sealed

Installation and requirements of solar panels:
The solar panel is facing south at 25^35 degrees on the ground (right to the sun). Do not place the panel flat on the ground or there are obstructions in front of the solar panel. This will result in low power generation. Please be sure to fully install the solar panel. Exposure to the sun.

The role and application scenarios of solar panels:
Solar panels have great effects and are low-carbon, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It can be applied to grassland pasture power generation, water fishing boat power generation, mountain power generation, factory power generation, car charging, mountain power generation, household power generation, etc.

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