solar panel 80 watt

solar panel 80 watt
solar panel 80 watt
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Product name: Solar panel 80 watts
Power: 80W
Working voltage: 18V
Working current: 4..44A
Product Certification: CCC
Whether to customize: yes
Type: Laminated solar panels/modules
Item No.: DUOJING-80-2520

Characteristics of solar panels:
1. Brand new positive A-grade polycrystalline solar panel
Long life, energy saving and environmental protection, high transformation, strong resistance to mechanical impact
International production technology, former automatic production equipment, high component conversion rate
Excellent low light resistance. High salt spray and hydrogen corrosion resistance
2. Special tempered glass for solar energy
Ultra-white tempered glass can effectively resist hail and receive sunlight, generating more power and saving energy more quickly
3. Positive A-grade battery slice
Use positive A-grade high-efficiency silicon wafers. The ultra-high conversion rate can effectively ensure that each panel has a good
Good electrical properties
4. The pure aluminum frame is safer to use
The aluminum alloy surface is made of anodized aluminum through smoke and nitriding tests to ensure that the frame is not easy to get old
Modification, high mechanical strength, easy installation

Our factory specializes in the production of solar panels, and the appearance and parameters of the products can be customized according to customer needs.

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