Solar street light battery

Solar street light battery
Solar street light battery
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*Normal service life is 5-8 years, warranty is 3 years
*Working mode: adjustable, the default setting is to turn on the light all night. Continuous rainy days can work continuously for 3-7 days
*Charging mode: low-light charging, an average of more than 15% per day can be charged in continuous rainy days
*Built-in advanced intelligent BMS microcomputer management system, with overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, temperature light alarm and triple protection functions, and have the function of good communication with PC
*Automatic charge and discharge management, the monitoring unit automatically measures the charge and discharge current of the battery and performs continuous float charge balance management on the battery

1.The working principle of luminescence
The use of lamps is now a frequent and normal behavior, which can bring a lot of help. There is no problem at all. The reason why solar street lights can emit light without electricity is actually because they have built-in solar controllers and batteries. After the controller absorbs solar radiation, it can be converted into electrical energy and stored in the battery. When the street lamp needs to be started, the electric energy can be extracted from the battery for use.

2. Can it be used on rainy days?
Many people may have a fixed mindset about solar energy-saving street lights, thinking that they can be used normally only in sunny days, but in fact they can be used normally in rainy days, because the battery can store electricity and can be used normally for about a week even in rainy days. Moreover, after the street lamp is used, there is no need to pay any electricity bills. It is a very low-cost street lamp and it is worth installing on a large area.

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