Solar street light customization

Solar street light customization
Solar Street light
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We are engaged in solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar smart street lights, rural solar energy-saving street lights research and development of outdoor solar street lights manufacturers, provide solar garden lights, new solar landscape street lights, integrated solar street lights price consultation solar street light manufacturers! Can provide solar street lights OEM .

Service life: 8-10 years

Working mode: adjustable, the default setting is to turn on the light all night, continuous rainy days can work for 10-15 days

Charging mode: low light charging

Stable performance: thick four gold wires, high lumens, high flux, a single particle can reach 130-140LM.

Longer life: fast luminescence response time, no delay in lighting, and the theoretical life of the light source is more than 50,000 hours!

Lower power consumption: low light decay, high luminous efficiency, higher, and power saving!

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