Solar wireless battery 360 degree camera

Solar wireless battery 360 degree camera
Solar wireless battery 360 degree camera
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Solar wireless battery 360-degree camera supports 360-link rotation in horizontal direction and vertical direction
-15°~90°Automatic flip, mobile APP control, you can watch it as you want.
Horizontal keying speed: 200°/S, horizontal preset point speed: 240°/S
Vertical keying speed: 120°/S, vertical preset speed: 200°/S

Intelligent cruise scan:

Support 300 preset positions, 8 cruise scans, each cruise line supports 32 preset points, and also supports timing tasks, watch, one-key cruise functions, real-time monitoring of important monitoring points, can be widely used in a wide range of monitoring place.

3D noise reduction backlight compensation technology:

Using digital wide dynamic technology, it can clearly retain the details in the dark and suppress the overexposure in the bright area. The backlight compensation greatly improves the image quality of the backlight environment, and effectively eliminates the noise in the image, and the image quality is clearer.

Waterproof, dustproof and lightning protection without fear of rain and snow:

Using double-layer sealing treatment, outdoor protection reaches IP66 professional level, TVS4000V lightning protection, anti-surge, anti-surge, more stable functions, effectively improve service life, and no fear of outdoor bad weather.

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