Support high current Android type-C for Apple's USB data charging cable customization

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type-C for Apple's USB data charging cable customization

Product name; USB 3.0 mobile hard disk data cable
Product core; 10 pieces of 2p * 30 # + 1p * 30 # + 2C + 24 # + adb64 aluminum braids (can be customized as required)
Product OD; 4.5mm (can be customized as required)
Product length; 0.5m (can be customized as required)
Product plug; nickel plating (customized gold plating)
Product color: Black (other colors can be customized)
Product packaging; PE bag (can be packaged as required)
Product purpose: support XP / Vista / win7 / or higher
Product features;
Outer skin; elastic PVC jacket is more flexible than ordinary cable, not easy to break and lasting.
Shielding; imported aluminum foil, 40% higher than ordinary aluminum foil, stable and efficient.
Power supply; the power supply line has strong power supply to ensure the stability of signal transmission.
Ground wire; anti-interference copper wire is thicker than ordinary ground wire.
Conductor: high speed conduction oxygen free copper, using 7 / 0.127 wire warp, which increases the area by more than 30% compared with ordinary wire, has higher conductivity and stronger signal extension.
Solid plug; solid all inclusive gold-plated interface, anti-oxidation, non rusting, firm structure. The plug and wire core are pressed seamlessly
High purity wire core; oxygen free pure copper signal transmission line, with purity up to 99.9%, improving the transmission performance of different
Shielding net; aluminum foil + Mylar + high-density weaving, which can effectively reduce the interference of electromagnetic and radio waves and make the transmission signal more stable
The difference between USB3.0 and USB2.0.
1. USB 3.0 data transmission is ten times faster than USB 2.0, and its charging speed is 80% higher than that of USB 2.0. Moreover, USB 3.0 can save power by reducing its working voltage from 4.4 volts to 4 volts. Of course, many devices do not need such a high speed, but card readers, hard disks, hubs and other devices require high speed, and 3.0 is more energy-saving than USB 2.0. In addition, USB 3.0 is backward compatible and supports USB 2.0 devices , USB3.0 is compatible with the old version of the standard, supports the general I / O interface, and is optimized to reduce. At the same time, it is a product that improves the protocol efficiency in the field of computers, consumer products and mobile products, and supports the ability of fast synchronous mobility.

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