ups generator system

ups generator system
ups generator system
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Product Name:ups generator system

Rated output voltage: 230V

Rated input voltage: 230V

Output voltage distortion: less than 5%

Operating temperature: 0-40 ℃

Model: sua750ich

Our strengths:

1. Circuit board design

High tech circuit board, high quality, more stable and durable.

Environmentally friendly high quality flame retardant materials

Environmentally friendly materials are selected and flame retardant

Low temperature resistance, good electrical insulation


Application scenario:

1. Server room

Entry level server, rack server, blade

2. Network, network machine room

Switch, network management storage, distribution room

3. Retail stores and financial branches

Server and network, communication system, POS equipment, ATM

4. Others

Manufacturing, medical equipment / laboratory, industry, access provider

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