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UPS generator
UPS generator
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Product Name: UPS

AC output voltage: 220V50Hz / 1 10v60hz

Output waveform: pure sine

Output power: 2000W

Peak power: 4000W

Battery capacity: 25.9v72.8ah

Charging voltage: dc29.4v10a

Charging time: 8-9h

Operating temperature: - 20 ° C ~ 60 ° C

Charging protection: overvoltage, low voltage, overtemperature, overload, AC short circuit protection

UPS power advantages:

1. Be assured of power consumption

Microcomputer control / double ring copper inductor

2. Multiple protection

High voltage protection, low voltage protection, high temperature protection

3. Temperature control protection, intelligent fan

The fan is controlled by temperature. The fan will start only when the working temperature of the inverter reaches 45 °, which greatly saves energy and reduces noise

4. LCD display, intuitive parameters

High definition liquid crystal display, real-time display of equipment status, high accuracy

5. Application scenarios

UAV, TV, rice cooker, electric fan, notebook, mobile phone, etc

It can supply power to multiple devices at the same time

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