USB 2.0 USB-A to Micro cable

USB 2.0 USB-A to Micro cable
USB 2.0 USB-A to Micro cable
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Bandwidth:           480Mbps
Max Length:         1.0 meter
Output:                2A
Overmold:            PVC

It can be customized according to needs

The USB cable can be customized according to needs, and an adapter certified by Apple MFI is provided

Custom scope:

Interface customization: select usb interface, type-c, Android, Apple, mini, magnetic suction head, etc. according to your needs.
Length customization: Customize various specifications and lengths.
Material customization: PVC, TPE, braided quilt, metal hose, etc.
Color customization: product color, support customization.
OEM customization: OEM/ODM processing.
LOGO printing: LOGO can be customized, free renderings.
Shell material: aluminum alloy shell, zinc alloy shell, ABS shell and injection molding.
Core wire material: Core wire includes tinned copper, enameled wire, pure copper wire, copper foil wire, bare copper wire, etc.
Core specifications: the number of core specifications of the data cable.


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