Vacuum cleaner battery

Vacuum cleaner battery
Vacuum cleaner battery
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Battery parameters:
Combination method: ICR18650-4S1P
Nominal voltage: 14.8V
Nominal capacity: 2200mAh
Standard continuous discharge current: 0.2C
Maximum continuous discharge current: 1C
Working temperature: Charging: 0~45℃ Discharging: -20~60℃
Product size: MAX 37.8X39.1X67.7mm
Internal resistance of finished product: ≤380mΩ
Protection board: IC-S8254AAJ+MOS-AO4435
Lead model: UL1007/20#, wire length 50mm
Protection parameters:
Overcharge protection voltage/each string: 4.20±0.025V
Over discharge protection voltage: 2.5±0.08V
Overcurrent value: 3~11A

Vacuum cleaner battery characteristics:
1. High operating voltage, high energy density, light weight and small size of the battery.
2. Long service life, under normal use conditions, 1C cycle use 500 charge and discharge cycles, the capacity is more than 80%.
3. Small self-discharge, no memory effect, lithium-ion battery has no memory effect, and can be charged at any time during use.
4. There is no free lithium metal, no harmful substances such as mercury, cadmium, lead, etc., and it meets ROHS requirements.
5. High safety, the lithium-ion battery has a built-in protection board, and has overcharge and overdischarge short-circuit protection to ensure the safe use of the battery.
Applicable products: wireless monitoring equipment, medical equipment, instruments, LED lamps, traffic signs, portable small household appliances, power tools, toys, etc.
Remarks: The parameters of the protection board can be selected according to customer requirements, and the battery size and capacity can be customized according to customer requirements.

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