whole house ups generator

whole house ups generator
whole house ups generator
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Product Name: UPS power supply, whole house UPS generator

Module: power conversion

Cabinet: ups5000e-125kva

Color: brand new

Color: Black

Source category: spot

Processing customization: Yes

Type: 5000-e series host

Model: ups2000-a-10kttl-s

Advantages of UPS generator in the whole house:

1. High performance

Advanced DSP digital control technology makes the performance of UPS more stable, safe and reliable

2. Safe and reliable

The On-line UPS with a wide range of stocks, which sells well in the market, seamlessly matches the power environment, safe and reliable

3. Energy saving and environmental protection

Green and environmental protection, in line with the requirements of environmental protection directives

4. Industry certification

All our products have passed strict testing and reached industry standards.

Scope of application:

Monitoring equipment, office room, precision instruments, medical equipment, banking facilities, network equipment, etc

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